BGD 538 On-site Wet Scrub Resistance Test Machine


Typical interior wall coating systems are comprised of a thick filler, one coat primer and two top coats. Thus, the quality of the final interior wall is dependent on the whole coating system from filler to primer to top coat. Besides, the quality of the application conditions, such as film thickness and paint-water dilution ratio, contribute to the final wall coating system significantly.

There is no standardized on-site test method on the market to check the performance of the whole system worldwide. Currently, so-called “on-site test methods” are relying on visual tests, on fingernail scrubbing and on touching. These methods are very subjective since results can vary from person to person, even for the same wall coating system and these results are not repeatable. As a result, Biuged develop this tester to provide standardized test methods for on-site wall coatings assessment. Using this tester could help distinguish between high-quality and low-quality interior wall coatings.

BGD 538 On-site Wet Scrub Resistance Tester is designed according to ISO 23169-2020, it has simple structure and easy to use, and not only can be used to test on-site cleanability of interior wall coatings, but also for on-site wet scrub resistance of interior wall coatings.


BGD 538 On-site Wet Scrub Resistance Test Machine


 Main Body Size:200mmx55mmx80mm(L x W x H)

■ Spong Touching Area During Test:60mmx35mm

■ Spong Hardness:330N±5N(40% compressed hardness)

■ Spong Density:(41±2)kg/m3

■ Total Weight:265g

■ Ordering Information:

BGD 538—On-site Wet Scrub Resistance Tester

BGD 1512—Spong for on-site Wet Scrub(12 pcs / package)

BGD 1516—Black cloth for on-site Wet Scrub(100 pcs / package)

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