BGD 740 High-speed Dispersing Tester


What is dispersing in the coating field? It means that in the manufacturing process solid materials are made to be distributed evenly in the liquid; in the process of dispersion, pull of particulates are broken down. The round saw tooth-type dispersion tray influenced by the electromotor will be dispersing in the container to effect the solid and liquid dispersion, moisturization, depolymerization. Its work principle description is mainly as follows:

         n Make the serosity annular and cause powerful vortex, so the particulates of the serosity fall to the bottom vortex bottom

         n An 2.5-5mm eldge in the dispersion tray is formed a flow area in which the particulates are impacted intensely.

         n Two beam currents outside the area are formed to make the serosiy fully circulated and turned over.

         n What is below the dispersion tray is a current flow, serosity with different speed disperses mutually to effect the function of dispersion

Biuged offer many different High-speed dispersing machines,they are applicable to the stir, dissolution and dispersion of coating, paint, ink ,dyestuff, cosmetic goods, foodstuff, resin, adhesive, latex, medicine, petroleum, whose speed can be adjust at will.


BGD 740 High-speed Dispersing Tester


◆ With Siemens squirrel-cage motor of frequency control(except BGD 740/1 and BGD 741/1) and use frequency converter to adjust working speed

◆ Direct digits display axis revolution through display screen of frequency converter installed on the machine.

◆ No carbon brush, no produce any flame when working

◆ Lower noise, bigger torque and wider adjustable speed

◆ BGD 740/1 & BGD 740/2 have lifting lever marked with scale, which are convenient to adjust the height of dispersing blade and the bottom of container.

◆ Main parts are all made up of stainless steel, with perfect corrosion resistance

◆ Standard confirguration:Two or four(only for 550W&750W)different dispersing baldes, and also can select different size sand-milling blades and stainless steel double jacket container for milling.

◆ Power Supply:220V 50HZ


BGD 740 High-speed Dispersing Tester   


Ordering InformationMotor PowerSpeed


Max. TorqueLift DistanceLift




Overall Size,mm


BGD 740/1550W0-7,5001.91 N.m240 mmManual50mm&60mm475×430×560~800
BGD 740/2750W0-6,0002.87 N.m260 mmManual50mm&60mm475×430×635~895
BGD 740/31,100W0-6,0003.82 N.m320 mmElectric60mm&80mm675×570×1180
BGD 740/41,500W0-5,0005.73 N.m320 mmElectric80mm&100mm675×570×1180
BGD 740/52,200W0-4,0007.64 N.m520 mmElectric100mm&120mm700×720×1300~1510
BGD 741/1550W0-7,5001.91 N.m300 mmElectric50mm&60mm475×430×840~910
BGD 741/2750W0-6,0002.87 N.m300 mmElectric50mm&60mm475×430×840~960
BGD 742/2


750W0-3,0002.87 N.m300 mmManual50mm&60mm530×560×965~980
BGD 742/5


2200W0-3,0007.64 N.m520 mmManual100mm&120mm640×680×1430~1500

     Note:For 550W&750W machine, come with two 50mm(a efficient one and a heavy-duty one each)blades and two 60mm(a efficient one and a heavy-duty one each)blades

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