Black plastic panel are the test substrates specified in Chinese standard GB//T 9780-2013 《Test Method for Dirt Pickup Resistance and Stain Removal of Film Architectural Coatings and Paint》 and GB/T 9755-2014 《Synthetic Resin Emulsion Coatings for Exterior Wall” in the determination of scrub resistance. As the only supplier designated by the bid committee in China, BIUGED strictly controls the quality of each batch of black plastic panels to ensure the reproducibility and comparability of test data.

       Main technical parameters:

Dimension: 432mm × 165mm × ( 0.25±0.02 )mm

Gloss value(60°): 8.0±0.5

Reflectivity: ( 35±0.5 )%

Tristimulus values: L × a* × b*: ( 26.5±1 )× (-0.5±0.1 )× (-0.8±0.1 )

       Attention: Please use the matt parts of test material

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