SHITO Lamp/Cap Torque Meter has three models STO-10P, STO-50P, STO-100P, widely used in lighting, cosmetics, medical supplies, food, chemical industry, electronics and other fields products torque test. SHITO Lamp/Cap Torque Meter has high precision, accuracy at ± 0.5% +1 digit within, / / N.m conversion measurement, three minutes without operation of automatic shutdown of the power design, maintain peak function, automatic alarm settings, torque direction showed that automatic charging, Ni-MH battery power display, storing and printing 10 test data, automatically calculating the average of storing data that can print at the scene measurement curve. 

SHITO Lamp / Cap Torque Meter Technical Specification

Model Measuring range Accuracy Responsive Frequency
±0.5%+1 digit600Hz
±0.5%+1 digit600Hz
±0.5%+1 digit600Hz

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