Cellphone drop test machine adopts electric lifting and pneumatic falling structure, accurate lifting and positioning, quick, real and effective falling;Equipped with special pneumatic fixture (adjustable stroke), the front end of the fixture is equipped with silicone rubber (to avoid the clamping products or operators), which can be used for drop test of mobile phones of various specifications;The drop height is driven by motor and driven by precision screw, which can be adjusted up and down, running smoothly and with low noise, without manual moving up and down, and with scale scale attached, the drop height of parts can be accurately known, and the products can be dropped from different angles, that is, the bottle landing, bottle bottom landing and bottle cap landing, accurate ground.The key components of the machine are imported, reliable performance, a variety of floor can be selected, can meet different test standards.

Cellphone drop test machine

Main technical parameters:
1. Maximum weight allowed: 5kg+100g
2. Drop height: 40~150cm
3. The diameter range of the product is 10mm-120mm
4. Product height range :5mm-25mm
5. Drop height scale: steel, minimum scale of 1cm

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