Charpy Impact Tester LR-A003

This impact tester is used to test impact toughness of hard plastic,GFPA,glass fiber reinforced plastics,ceramics, cast stone,electrical insulating materialand other non-metal material.It’s a ideal testing equipments in chemical industry,R&D institution,quality controlling dept.

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Charpy Impact Tester LR-A003


Digital charpy impact testing machine is mainly used in hard plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramic, cast stone, electrical insulating materials of nonmetal materials to the determination of impact toughness.Is the chemical industry, scientific research units, colleges and universities, quality inspection departments such as the ideal test equipment.

Charpy Impact Tester LR-A003


1,Intelligent controller has high precision, and is equipped with LCD display, can be intuitive, accurate reading data
2,Domestic first using carbon fiber beam (has applied for patent), the impact on the direction, improve the rigidity of materials, and will impact the quality of concentrated in the largest pendulum on the center of mass of truly no vibration impact test, and increase the service life.
3,Imported high resolution digital encoder, Angle test precision is higher and more stable
4,Aerodynamic impact hammer and imported ball bearing, greatly reduced the mechanical friction loss
5,Automatically calculate the final result, test data can be stored and averaging 12 groups of data
6,can choose Chinese and English operation interface, test results can choose J/m, KJ / ㎡, kg – cm/cm, ft – ib/in etc
7,Built-in miniature printer test data.

Test standard:

 ISO179-2000 “plastics – determination of impact strength of the simply supported beam with hard material,
 GB/T1043-2008 “the hard plastic beam impact test method”
 JB/T8762-1998 plastic beam impact testing machine,
 the GB/T 18743-18743 “with thermoplastic fluid conveying pipe beam impact test method” (applicable to pipe)


Charpy Impact Tester LR-A003


impact speed 2.9 or 3.8 m/s
Pendulum to sample center distance 221mm、380mm
pendulum Yang Angle 150 °
Jaw bearing spacing distance 40mm、60mm、70mm、95mm
Supporting the blade radius R=1mm
Impact of the blade Angle 30°
Impact the blade radius R=2mm±0.5mm
Outside size 560(Length)* 300(Width)* 840(Height)mm
Weight 135kg


Specifications choice


Model LR-A003-5D LR-A003-15D LR-A003-50D
pendulum energy 1J、2J、4J、5J 7.5J、15J   25J、50J
Pendulum pre elevation 150°
Impact speed 2.9M/S 3.8M/S