Coating 4 viscosity cup coating viscometer 


This portable viscometer is suitable for measuring the viscosity of paint within 30-100 seconds.During measurement, the measured liquid is filled in a specific container, and the viscosity of the liquid is calculated according to the time required for the measured liquid to flow out.

Viscosity cup is according to the national standard GB/ t1723-93 “coating viscosity determination method” in the relevant provisions and combined with the actual production situation.The viscosity cup is used for measuring the conditional viscosity of the coating. It is suitable for measuring the coating products with the viscosity less than 150 seconds.

Coating 4 viscosity cup coating viscometer 

Technical specification

Cup volume100ml
ApertureØ 4 mm
Body materiacopper
Measuring range112 ~ 685 (CST)
Flow time 25 ~ 150 seconds
Weight1.76 Kg
Measuring range30s≤ t ≤100s
Error±5% Newtonian liquid
External dimensions155mm*98mm*335mm

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