CPJ-6020V  Floor Type Profile Projector

Product Introduction:

CPJ-6020V Floor Type Profile Projector is a high precision and high efficiency optical measuring instrument integrating optics, mechanics and electronics. It is widely used in the field of machinery, instrument, meter, electronics, and light industry as well as in measuring chamber and laboratory of universities and institutes, research institutes and metrological verification department. This instrument can efficiently measure the geometric dimension and profile of various complicated shaped workpiece.

CPJ-6020V  Floor Type Profile Projector

Technical Parameters:



X-axis Travel (mm)200
Y-axis Travel (mm)100
Worktable size (mm)400×265
Glass size (mm)270×170
X, Z-axis digital display resolution0.5um
Indication error (mm)2.5+L/75
Z-axis Travel (mm)50 (focusing)
Weight (kg)360kg
Dimension (mm)1200×1140×1940
ProjectorscreenSize (mm) 615
Rotary range0~360°
Resolution1’ or 0.01°
LensMagnification10× (Optional)20× (Optional)50× (Optional)100× (Optional)
Field of view (mm)6030126
Working distance (mm)143.585.59248.5
Measure the maximum height(mm)50
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.  Total power: 450W



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