1. The main function of the instrument is introduced

CRF16-1610  Flammability Tester for whole box design, mainly consists of control system and combustion chamber, the sample is installed in the combustion chamber is 45 ° Angle of tilt of sample frame, make the fire mouth close to the sample, with the flame returned sample stipulated time, observation sample combustion condition and speed of the spread of flame on the sample, evaluation of ignition and flame spreading performance of the sample. The instrument is suitable for the determination of flame retardant properties of clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, tent fabrics, etc.

This instrument is applicable to the following standards: GB/T14644 ASTM D1230 CRF16-1610


CRF16-1610  Flammability Tester

  1. Main technical parameters

Instrument size: 550X380X560mm (L×W×H)

Sample size: 160×50.8mm

Ignition time: 1±0.05s

Sample clamp inner frame size: 152×38mm

The distance between the nozzle and the sample surface: 8mm

Flame height: 15.875mm

Time display: 0-99.9S

Resolution: 0.1s

Ignition time: 0-99.0s

Weight: about 30kg

Combustion air supply   1pcs

Cotton sewing machine thread 1pcs

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