D1-C Electric Spark Leak Detector



D1-C  Electric Spark Leak Detector

Functions and Use

D1-C spark leak detector is a special detecting equipment used to detect the construction quality, aging, corrosion microholes and air gap of the anti-corrosion insulation layer on the metal surface of oil and gas pipeline, cable, enamel, metal storage tank and ship hull.


D1-C  Electric Spark Leak Detector


  • Small volume, light weight, reduce the intensity of field work of testers.
  • Microelectronic integrated high voltage generator to overcome electrostatic phenomenon;
  • Digital display, improve the output accuracy;
  • High voltage and power supply voltage can be automatically converted;
  • Fast intelligent charging, sufficient self-stop, no need of manual control;
  • Power on self-check function;
  • Anti-static, high voltage misinput and other protection systems;
  • Special protection, automatic adjustment function;
  • The circuit adopts modular structure and three-prevention design, which greatly improves the service life and reliability of the instrument in the field.

D1-C  Electric Spark Leak Detector

Technical Specification

  1. Measurement range: 0.03-10.mm
  2. Output high voltage: 0.5-35kV
  3. Display: Digital display
  4. High voltage control system: analog digital regulator
  5. Dc power supply: 12V
  6. Power consumption: < 5W
  7. Alarm delay: 1-2 seconds
  8. High voltage gun: microelectronic high voltage generator
  9. Packing: metal box
  10. Host size: 165mm×155mm×68mm
  11. Main engine weight: 1.5kg (including batteries)

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