Desktop thermostatic shaker

Usage overview:

Desktop thermostatic shaker, also known as thermostatic oscillator, is a kind of temperature controlled thermostatic incubator and oscillator combined with biochemical instruments, laboratory is mainly used for temperature and oscillation frequency has higher requirements

Bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction and enzyme and tissue research, widely used in universities, medical, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monitoring and other scientific research departments.

Desktop thermostatic shaker

 Product features:

Set constant temperature incubator and oscillator in one, save space, small footprint, high efficiency.

◆ Large LCD screen, temperature, time, speed and running status with the interface display.

◆ The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the cavity mirror stainless steel components are not easy to rust.

◆ The whole machine is silent design, electrostatic spray box body, toughened glass window, luxurious and beautiful shape.

◆ Operation parameter memory function, the power supply accidentally cut off, after the call automatically according to the original set parameters operation.

◆ Operation parameter encryption function, avoid human error operation.

◆ Speed control: PID feedback control, motor speed is stable and accurate, accuracy is ±1rpm.

◆ Temperature control: PID feedback control, the measuring accuracy is 0.1℃, the actual measured temperature deviates from the set value ±3℃, the sound and light alarm will be sent.

Three-dimensional partial three-wheel drive, smooth operation, stability, durability, reliability.

◆ Automatic protection device for motor overheating, temperature out of control.

◆ Slow start design, prevent the splash of shaking liquid caused by sudden start, effectively ensure the safety of samples.

Electronic control adjustable closed cycle heating and refrigeration system.Silent fan design and forced convection and unique air duct design, to ensure a good constant temperature effect and temperature uniformity.

◆RS-232 interface and embedded micro printer.(optional)

◆ Remote setting of temperature, speed, time and other parameters through mobile phone (optional).

◆ With mobile phone alarm function, alarm range can be set (optional).

USB data storage system, automatic record storage test process data.(optional)

◆ Ten-section curve program control system, can set a variety of different speed, temperature, time experiment mode at one time, automatically change the operation mode in operation.(optional)

Desktop thermostatic shaker

Technical specification

Rotation frequency30~300rpm30~400rpm
Oscillation typeCyclotron oscillation
Oscillation amplitudeΦ26mm
Display modeLCD
Control modePID Microcomputer control
Temperature control precision±0.1℃
Operating temperatureRT+5~60℃4~60℃(cooling)
Standard configuration100ml×950ml×4 ,100ml×4,250ml×3,500ml×350ml×5 ,100ml×5,250ml×4,500ml×3
Optional configuration50ml×12或100ml×9100ml×16 or 250ml×12or 500ml×9100ml×20 or250ml×16 or 500ml×12
Pallet size295×245mm400×370mm450×410mm
Overall dimensions440×410×390mm620×580×510mm780×720×570mm
Nominal capacity320×295×190mm(20L)410×430×270(50L)500×450×350(80L)
Net weight31KG72KG100KG
tray number1pcs
Timing range0~999hour
PowerAC220V /50Hz


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