Digital display electric thermostatic water bath

Application overview:

TWS series constant temperature water-bath water by the shell, the tank and temperature control device of three parts, apply to the laboratory for use in evaporation and temperature heating, widely used in distillation, concentration and temperature stain chemicals or biological products, is the large and medium-sized institutions, environmental protection, scientific research, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical and other units ideal tool laboratory personnel.

Digital display electric thermostatic water bath

Product features:

♦ The surface adopts electrostatic spraying process, the inner and upper cover are made of stainless steel plate, anti-corrosion and durable;

♦PID microcomputer temperature control, digital display (optional LCD display), intuitive and accurate, stable performance;

♦ The alarm temperature can be set according to the requirements of the experiment, the temperature is high or above the set temperature will automatically alarm;

♦ It has the function of parameter memory and call recovery, which can protect data loss due to power failure and crash;

♦ The electric heating pipe is made of U-shaped steel pipe, sintered magnesium oxide and electric heating wire, so the heat loss is less when directly immersed in water;

♦ Water bath water use laboratory level 3 water, available purity is worse than the laboratory level 3 water, but easy to produce scale, need to be cleaned regularly.

Safety protection (need to be equipped with anti-dry burning function)

When the water bath pot is energized, the protection function has been in the monitoring work;

In the working state, if the water bath pot is short of water, the water bath pot will automatically disconnect the heating pipe and other strong electric parts, and the buzzer will sound at the same time.

Optional functions:

♦ Anti-dry burning protection function, can effectively protect the safety of the experiment (optional);

♦ Connect the water source, automatically add water, save the trouble of manually adding water (optional);

♦ Independent temperature limit controller, when the temperature exceeds the limit, it will automatically interrupt to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accident (optional).

Digital display electric thermostatic water bath


PowerAC 220V/50HZ
Temperature ControlRT+5-100
Constant temperature fluctuation±0.5
Temperature resolution0.1
Hole NumberSingle-row 1hole



Single-row 2hole









Input Power400W500w1000W1500w2000w
Inner size


Out size

W*D*H (mm)

Tank volume2.5L4.9L9.9L14.9L19.8L
Timing range1-9999min

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