IZOD CHARPY Impact test equipment Introduction:

Digital IZOD CHARPY Impact test equipment is controlled by single chip microcomputer, electric hammer release, liquid crystal display impact energy, each group of samples can do one to ten, the test can be arbitrarily cut data.Automatic calculation of the strength, the average strength.Automatic printing of data reports.

 IZOD CHARPY Impact test equipment Scope of application

The impact testing machine can perform impact testing on hard plastics, fiber reinforced composites, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, asbestos and other non-metallic materials.

Applicable standards:

ISO179-2000 “plastics – determination of impact strength of the simply supported beam with hard material,

GB/T 21189 < plastic beam and cantilever beam and tensile impact test with a pendulum impact testing machine test >

GB/T1043-2008 “the hard plastic beam impact test method”

JB/T8762-1998 plastic beam impact testing machine,

GB/T 18743-18743 “with thermoplastic fluid conveying pipe beam impact test method” (applicable to pipe)

ISO180-2000 “plastics – determination of hard material cantilever beam impact strength

GB/T1843-2008 “the hard plastic cantilever beam impact test method”

JB/T8761-1998 plastic cantilever beam impact testing machine,

ASTM D256-2010 “test method for determination of plastic the IZOD pendulum impact strength,

GB – T13525-1992 “plastic tensile impact test method for performance”

 IZOD CHARPY Impact test equipment Technical Specification

Impact energy1J、2J、4J、5J7.5J、15J、25J、50J
Impact speed 2.9m/s3.8m/s
Pendulum Angle150°160°
Distance from center of pendulum to center of sample230mm380mm
Pendulum torquePd1=0.5155N.m



Jaw support spacing40mm、60mm、70mm、95mm
Support blade fillet radiusR=1mm
Angle of impact blade30°
Impact blade fillet radiusR=2mm
Accuracy of energy 0.01J0.01J






Ø cantilever beam, one-piece shock, do not need to remove the clamp and fixed sample

Ø intelligent controller has high precision, and is equipped with LCD display, can be intuitive, accurate reading data

Ø the first domestic use carbon fiber beam (has applied for patent), on the direction of impact, improve the rigidity of materials, and will impact the quality of concentrated in the largest pendulum on the center of mass of truly no vibration impact test, and increase the service life.

Ø imported high resolution digital encoder, Angle test precision is higher and more stable

Ø aerodynamic impact hammer and imported ball bearing, greatly reduced the mechanical friction loss

Ø automatically calculate the final result, test data can be stored 24 group data and averaging

Ø can choose Chinese and English operation interface, test results can choose J/m, KJ / ㎡, kg – cm/cm, ft – ib/in etc

Internal microtyping of the printing and testing data

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