Digital IZOD Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Digital IZOD  Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Functions and scope of application:

mainly used for the determination of impact toughness of non-metallic materials such as hard plastics, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, electrical insulating materials and fiber reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites.The testing machine is an ideal testing equipment for chemical industry, scientific research units, colleges and universities, quality testing departments, professional manufacturers laboratories and other units.The product has a wide measuring range, PLC touch screen control and display, the experimental results are automatically calculated with U disk data storage function, can be exported, edited and printed, with automatic correction function of energy loss, clear and clear, easy to operate, accurate and reliable measurement results.

Digital IZOD Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Test standards

GB/ t1843-2008 “determination of impact strength of plastic cantilever beam” JB/T 8761-1998 “impact testing machine for plastic cantilever beam”

ASTM d256-06 “standard test method for determination of impact strength of plastic cantilever beam”

ISO 180-2000 “determination of impact strength of plastic Izod”

Technical parameters:

1) impact speed: 3.5m/s

2) pendulum energy: 1.0j, 2.75j, 5.5j

3) lifting Angle of pendulum: 1500

4) strike center distance: 335mm

5) minimum resolution: 0.001j

6) the distance from the impact blade to the top of the jaw: 22mm 0.2mm

7) blade fillet radius: R=0.8mm 0.2mm

8) energy loss: 1.0J <0.02J;2.75 J < 0.03 J;5.5 J < 0.03 J

9) sample type: better sample type 1.

Specimen modelL(mm) B(mm)H(mm)

10) instrument size: length 650mm width 350mm height 850mm

11) required space: front and rear 0.4m, left and right 1.5m, upper 1.5m

Digital IZOD Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Specifications choice


Pendulum energy2.75J、5.5J11J、22J
Pendulum pre elevation150°
Impact Speed3.5M/S




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