DIN53211  DIN4 Coating Viscosity Cup


DIN Cup is made in accordance with German Standardization Committee DIN53211 (Deutsches lnnormung), for the determination of ink, paint, paint and other viscosity more convenient viscosimeter.

DIN cups are generally suitable for thin liquids with low viscosity;It is made of high quality aluminum cup with holes in the bottom and a capacity of about 100ml.It is widely used in Europe.


DIN53211  DIN4 Coating Viscosity Cup

Technical parameters:

1. Cup volume100±1 ml


2, Nozzle hole diameterØ 4 + / – 0.02 mm


3. MaterialAnodized alumina cup body, internal polished stainless steel nozzle
4. Ldeal measurement range96 ~ 683 cSt



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