RDP DCTH200AG Weighing sensor Displacement sensor lvdt displacement sensor
British RDP weighing sensor Displacement sensor LVDT magnetostrictive type force weighing pressure torque sensor signal regulator. With years of experience in sensors, RDP Group has developed and produced a full range of displacement sensors, force, weight, pressure, torque sensors and related electronic driving equipment. LVDT displacement sensor and force sensor are widely used in automobile, railway, steel, aerospace and other industries by virtue of their excellent performance.

DCTH100AG to DCTH400AG Wood end (axial) outlet cable

D1 = 20.6 mm

D2 = 8.0 mm

L2 = 36 mm

D3 = 4.0mm

X is equal to the center of the range

RDP DCTH200AG Weighing sensor Displacement sensor lvdt displacement sensor

typerangeLinear error (%FS)Large sizeX(nominal)Gross weightThe spring force at XRebound rateOvershoot inwardOutward overshoot


Power supply voltage (double)+12V to +20V 30mAAnalog output bandwidth200 hz
Supply voltage (single, must float)24V to 40V 30mAOutput impedance
Change the quantity to change the supply5 millivolts per voltLinear error (standard)±0.5%FS
Output 10V to 10V(+ 0%-5%)Linear error “Optional for some models)±0.25%FS
Output 2+5V(+0%-5%)Linear error This model is optional±0.1%FS
Output ripple30mV(Peak to peak)Linear error This model is optional

Temperature coefficient (span)

±0.03%FS/ºC(typical value)
Operating temperature range-40°C to 80°CElectrical terminal2m (integrated cable) can be ordered



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