1, Preface

As is known to all, nanomaterials science and engineering have become the world’s research hotspots. When studying the surface modification of nanomaterials, the concept of wetting contact Angle is often involved.Contact Angle refers to the level of a solid plane drops of a droplet and solid on the surface of the solid – liquid – gas three-phase junction, the gas-liquid interface and the solid-liquid interface two tangent to clamp the liquid phase in the Angle.

  1. Instrument Application Field

1 TFT – LCD panel industry: glass panel and the coating quality of cleanliness measurement;TFT printing circuit, color filter, ITO conductor film and other pre-coating quality measurement

2 printing, plastic industry, surface cleaning and the adhesion quality measurement;Measurement of ink adhesion;Compatibility measurement of glue colloidal properties;The fastness of the dye

3 semiconductor industry: a wafer cleanliness measurement;Control of HMDS;Research of CMP research and measurement, photoresist and imaging agents

4 chemical materials research: waterproof and hydrophilic materials research;The surface activity and detergent’s tension and humidity;Adhesion enhancement and adhesion surface can be measured

5 IC encapsulation: substrate surface cleanliness;Identification of atomic synthesis;BGA welding surface;The adhesion of epoxide is measured.

  1. Instrument parameters

S contact Angle measuring range: 0-180

S contact Angle measuring accuracy: + / – 0.10

S table interfacial tension measurement range: 0-1000 mn/m;Measurement accuracy: 0.01 mN/m

S high precision automatic drip system: high precision industry trace injection pump;Complete computer system control, drip accuracy: 0.1mu l

S contact Angle with high precision instrument calibration tablets: Germany imported special standard piece: contact Angle circular 3 ° 5 ° 8 °, 60 °, 90 ° 120 °;The elliptical 115 °

contact Angle professional measurement method

  • (sessile drop);
  • (pendant drop);
  • (lamella method);
  • (Captive bubble method);
  • (wetted fiber);
  • (sessle fiber drop);9 · Hardware overview

    host appearance size: 790 mm (length) * 310 mm * 580 mm (wide) (high)

    host net weight: 18 kg

    working mesa size: 120 mm * 120 mm

    workbench mobile: 50 mm up and down;Around 50 mm;Around 30 mm

    the largest sample size: 10 inches

    sampler mobile: 100 mm;About 100 mm

    Fine-tuning S microscope mobile: around 180 mm (3 mm)

    microscope: * 0.7 X to 0.7 X Gao Qingyuan heart continuous variable X zoom microscope

    optical system: SONY original installation import high speed industrial chips;25 frames /60 frames /150 frames /300 frames per second

    lens Angle adjustable: look up the Angle of view, smooth inspect, look down at

    light source: LED adjustable blue tone industrial-grade cold light source;It can last up to 15,000 hours

    power supply and power: 220 v / 50/60 hz



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