DZDR-S thermal conductivity measuring apparatus

The thermal conductivity tester developed by transient plane heat source technology (TPS) can be used to test the thermal conductivity of different types and forms of materials. Transient plane heat source method is one of the newest methods to study the heat conduction performance, which makes the measurement technology reach a new level. The thermal conductivity can be measured quickly and accurately in the study of materials, which provides great convenience for the quality control of enterprises, material production and laboratory research. Powder test containers and liquid cups can be selected.

DZDR-S thermal conductivity measuring apparatus

Technical parameters:

1 test range: 0.001-300W/(m*K)

2. Measurement temperature range: room temperature – 130℃

3. Probe diameter: the first probe 7.5mm; The second probe is 15mm

4. Accuracy: ±3%

5. Repeatability error: ≤3%

6 measurement time: 5~160 seconds

7. Power supply: AC 220V

8. Machine power: < 500W

9. Test sample power P: No.1 probe power 0; 2 probe power 0

10. Sample specifications: single sample measured by the first probe (≥15*15*3.75mm); Single sample measured by probe No. 2 (≥30*30*7.5mm)

11. A set of customized powder test containers

DZDR-S thermal conductivity measuring apparatus

Features of the instrument:

1. The test range is wide, the test performance is stable, in the domestic similar instruments, in the priority level;

2. Direct measurement, the test time can be set about 5-160s, can quickly and accurately measure the thermal conductivity, saving a lot of time;

3. It will not be affected by the contact thermal resistance as the static method;

4. No special sample preparation, no special requirements for the shape of the sample, bulk solid only relatively smooth sample surface and meet the length and width of at least twice the diameter of the probe can be;

5. Non-destructive testing of samples means that samples can be reused;

6. The probe is designed with the structure of double helix, and the core algorithm is used to analyze and calculate the data collected on the probe combined with the exclusive mathematical model;

7. The structure design of the sample table is clever, easy to operate, suitable for placing samples of different thickness, and simple and beautiful;

8. The data acquisition on the probe uses imported data acquisition chip, the high resolution of the chip, can make the test results more accurate and reliable;

9. The control system of the host uses ARM microprocessor, which is faster than the traditional microprocessor, improves the analysis and processing ability of the system, and the calculation results are more.

10. The instrument can be used for bulk solid, paste solid, granular solid, colloid, liquid, powder, coating, film, insulation materials and other thermal property parameters determination;

11. Intelligent man-machine interface, color LCD screen display, touch screen control, easy and simple operation;

12. Strong data processing ability. Highly automated computer data communication and report processing system

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