Halogen Machine EDX 1800E

EDX 1800E ROHS2.0 detector Bench spectrometer Halogen tester

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ——-EDX-1800E one-button automatic test, easier to use, more convenient, more user-friendly

EDX 1800E ROHS2.0 detector Bench spectrometer Halogen tester
Technical parameter

Instrument cavity340mmX386mmX150mmThe external dimensions of the instrument580mmX445mmX385mm
weight45kgWorking temperature10-30ºC
Relative humidity35% ~ 70%Power sourceAC :220V ±5V
Elemental analysis rangesfrom sulfur (S) to uranium (U)Element content analysis range1 PPm to 99.99%
Measurement time100-300 secondsThe energy resolution129±5 electron volts
temperature adaptation range15ºC to 30ºCPower supplyAC 220V±5V; (AC purified and regulated power supply is recommended.)

The detection limit of harmful elements (limited to Cd/Pb/Cr/Hg/Br) stipulated in the RoHS directive is up to 1PPM
EDX 1800E ROHS2.0 detector Bench spectrometer Halogen tester
1.7. Product features

1.7.1 EDX-1800E is a product designed specifically for RoHS, EN71 and other environmental directives.

1.7.2 Break the traditional linear design of the instrument and adopt the integrated design of streamline body, making the instrument fashionable and generous.

1.7.3 US Amptek detector SDD is adopted, which is electrically cooled rather than liquid nitrogen refrigerated, with small size, accurate data analysis and low maintenance cost.

1.7.4 SES signal processing system independently developed is adopted to effectively improve the sensitivity of measurement and make the measurement more accurate.

1.7.5 One-button automatic test is simpler, more convenient and more user-friendly.

1.7.6 Seven kinds of optical path correction collimation system, according to different samples automatically switch.

1.7.7 Multiple anti-radiation leakage design, the radiation protection level belongs to the high level of similar products.

1.7.8 Advanced integrated heat dissipation design greatly improves the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine and ensures the operation safety of core components.

1.7.9 Unique movement temperature control technology ensures the safe and reliable operation of X-ray sources, effectively prolongs their service life and reduces operating costs.

1.7.10 Multiple instrument accessories protection system, and can be monitored through software, so that the instrument work more stable and safer.

1.7.11RoHS special testing software, standard Windows design, friendly interface, easy to operate.

1.7.12 This machine adopts USB2.0 interface to effectively ensure accurate, high-speed and effective data transmission.

Halogen Machine EDX 1800E Halogen Machine EDX 1800E

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