electric thermostatic incubator

Usage overview:

electric thermostatic incubator is a kind of constant temperature incubator which is suitable for bacterial culture, fermentation and constant temperature test in scientific research and industrial production departments such as medical and health industry, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science.

electric thermostatic incubator

Product features:

♦ Large LCD display, multi-group data one screen display, menu type operation interface, easy to understand, easy to operate.

♦ Adopts mirror stainless steel inner liner, four corners semi-circular design is easy to clean, the shelf spacing in the box can be adjusted.

♦ The shell of the box is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with electrostatic plastic

♦ Electric heating film heating method, fast heating speed, good uniformity in the box.

♦ The inner layer of the door has a glass door, easy to observe and clear;Double-layer door structure, good heat insulation performance, observation of the situation in the box does not affect the temperature inside the box (HWP-9402 above with observation window).

♦ Independent temperature limit alarm system, over the limit temperature will automatically interrupt, to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accident.(optional)

♦ With RS485 interface can connect the recorder and computer, can record the change of temperature parameters.(optional)

electric thermostatic incubator

Optional accessories:

Intelligent program controller

Independent temperature limiting controller

Embedded printer

RS485 interface and special software

VoltageAC220V 50HZ


Temperatre controlRT+5~65℃
Constant temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Heating MethodsElectrothermal
Input power180W200w250w350w550w700w1300w1500W
Work room size


Outside size


Effective volume16L35L50L80L160L270L420L620L
 Tank material stainless steel
Slide bracket1pcs2pcs3pcs4pcs
Timing range1~9999min


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