Electronic Peel Testing Machine LR-F017


Electronic peel testing machine is suitable for stripping, shearing and breaking of adhesive, adhesive tape, adhesive, composite film, artificial leather, woven bag, film, paper, electronic strip and other related products.In the glass performance test of materials, the bonding strength of reactive materials is a cost-effective peeling strength testing machine that controls the adhesive products without stripping or falling off

Electronic Peel Testing Machine LR-F017

Application:180 degree peel off, 90 degree peel off, release paper peel force

Electronic Peel Testing Machine LR-F017


capacity100 N(can choose 5N 30N 50N)
Accuracy1 Level
Test speed1- 500 mm/min
Test sample width30mm(standard fixture)
50mm(fixture optional)
Stroke400 mm
PowerAC220V 50Hz
Outside size750mm (L) × 300mm (W) × 220 mm (H)
PowerAC 220V 50Hz
Weight15 kg


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