ES-A Series Precision Electronic Standard Balance Machine


Gold-plated ceramic sensors ensure excellent accuracy, stability and fast response time for weighing tasks


Gold plated ceramic variable capacitance sensor.


High precision humidity sensor is used to reduce the influence of ambient humidity on weighing effectively.


The application of high sensitivity temperature sensor, effectively reduce the sensitivity of temperature changes.


Excellent cost-effective design, excellent completion of the weighing task


LCD LCD screen


LCD LCD screen, clear and bright screen, reasonable layout, convenient for users to read the weighing results.


Clear glass storm hood


The sample can be seen in all directions during the weighing process, and can also be disassembled and cleaned to realize fast cleaning.


A variety of weighing unit conversion function


Units such as grams (g), carats (Ct) and ounces (oz) can be switched freely.


Multiple weighing modes


Basic weighing, counting weighing, percentage weighing, weight detection mode.


Optimized product structure design


The machine adopts streamline design, strength enhancement, with anti-leakage, anti-static, anti-corrosion characteristics, suitable for a variety of occasions.


Built-in RS232 two-way communication interface


Can realize the balance and computer, micro printer connection. The weighing results can also be transmitted to other open applications such as PC.



linear error(≤)±1mg
operating temperature range13℃~25℃
Operating humidity range10%RH~70%RH
Response time (mean)2.5 second
Pan sizeΦ115mm
Height of weighing room210mm
Startup preheating time30-60 second
Dc adapterinput:220VAC/50HZ;output:7.5VDC/600mA
Baud rate300、600、1200、2400、4800、9600
expertise ratingⅡ lever

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