ES-B Series Standard Balance Precision Electronic Balance Tester


Gold-plated ceramic transducer to ensure weighing task have excellent accuracy, stability and fast response speed


 the gilded ceramic variable capacitance type sensor.


 application of high precision humidity sensor, effectively reduce the influence of environmental humidity on weighing.


 application the high sensitivity of temperature sensor, effectively reduce the sensitivity of the temperature change.


 Cost-effective outstanding design, excellent finish the weighing task


 LCD liquid crystal display


LCD LCD screen, clear and bright screen, reasonable layout, convenient for users to read the weighing results.


 stainless steel scale


Make the sample stable, non – tilt, at the same time with corrosion resistance.


 various weighing unit conversion functions


Units such as grams (g), carats (Ct) and ounces (oz) can be switched freely.


 a variety of weighing mode


Basic weighing, counting weighing, percentage weighing, weight detection mode.


 optimization of product structure design


The machine adopts streamline design, strength enhancement, with anti-leakage, anti-static, anti-corrosion characteristics, suitable for a variety of occasions.


 built-in RS232 bi-directional communication interface


Can realize the balance and computer, micro printer connection. The weighing results can also be transmitted to other open applications such as PC.


 product scope


Laboratory, food, medicine, chemical, metal manufacturing, etc.

linear error(≤)±10mg
operating temperature range (OTR)13℃~25℃
Operating humidity range10%RH~70%RH
Response time (mean)2.5 second
Pan sizeΦ160mm
Dimensions 210mm×310mm×90mm
Startup preheating time30-60 second
Dc adapterinput:220V AC/50HZ;output:7.5V DC/600mA
Baud rate300、600、1200、2400、4800、9600
expertise ratingⅡ level

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