Flexiproof Machine,Flexographic Proofing Machine

Use and Specification

Applicable objects: monochrome proofing (such as color matching, testing, etc.)

Input power: 220V, 50/60HZ

Power: 400W

Ink way: drip ink

Thickness of proofing material: 0.01-2mm (bendable material)

Proofing material size: 170x220mm

Printing area: 117x138mm

Plate area: 150x170mm

Plate thickness: USA Dupont 1.14mm thick resin plate   back glue 0.38mm

Pressure of plate roller and anilox roller: adjustable by 土2mm, with scale to show pressure

Plate roller and embossing pressure: adjustable by 2mm, with scale to show the pressure

Printing speed adjustable: 0-120 m/min

Specification of ceramic roller:USA  φ70x210mm

Lines number of ceramic roller: standard one 600LPI (70-1200 lines can be customized)  BCM:1.6-5.3

Applicable ink: flexographic waterborne, UV ink, lithography, relief ordinary or UV ink

Suitable proofing materials: paper, plastic film, non – woven fabric, napkin, gold and silver paper jam, etc

External dimensions (length x width x height) : 450x800x240mm

Net weight: 110KG

UV curing device selection

The instrument can be coated, solid color, dot pattern proofing

Flexiproof Machine,Flexographic Proofing Machine

Specification of Ceramic anilox roller


2.Ink hole carving Angle:60° cavity shape:Regular hexagon openings

4.Anilox roller wire Angle:45°

5.Number of anilox roller lines:600LPI

6.anilox roller concentric to beat:within 0.01mm


Flexiproof Machine,Flexographic Proofing Machine

Unique features of the instrument:

  1. After the ceramic roller rotates the ink evenly, the printing material and plate cylinder start up and rotate for one week to complete the proofing work. The ceramic roller and the printing material cylinder synchronize with the printing plate cylinder to ensure the quality of proofing.
  2. The four structures of scraper, ceramic roller, plate roller and printing material roller can adjust the pressure separately and adjust flexibly.
  3. Net roller, scraper disassembly and installation is simple and convenient
  4. Large cylinder structure is adopted to install printing materials, easy to install printing plate and clean printing plate.



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