Floor Flexural Test Machine

Main functions:

This machine is suitable for various textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, tape, adhesive products, plastic film, composite materials, electronics, metal and other industries to do stretching, compression, bending, shearing, stripping (90 degrees and 180 degrees), tearing and other kinds of tests to determine the quality of products.

This machine is a simple tensile testing machine with simple structure and convenient operation.It adopts touch screen control system to control the rotation of frequency conversion motor, and then drives the t-type screw to drive the load sensor to rise and fall after the deceleration of the variable speed mechanical mechanism, so as to complete the tensile or compression test of samples.The force value is output by the sensor, the feedback display, the test displacement real-time display.Can achieve the value of fixed force, positioning and other tests.

Can store the results of 10 test reference points, automatically calculate its average value, automatically grab the maximum value, the value of force at the time of fracture.

The thermal printer can automatically output test results.

Floor Flexural Test Machine

Technical Specification

Capacity5,10,20,50,100,200,500kg Optional
Test accuracy±1%
Display modeTouched screen
Unit changeKg、lb、N
Data sampling frequency200times/sec
ResolutionMax load 1/±25000,no internal or external grading, and the overall resolution remains the same
Load cellBasic configuration: tension and pressure sensors (maximum load)
Effective Test width150mm
Effective test height800mm
Test speed range50-300mm/min stepless speed regulation and 5-speed regulation (customizable)
Accuracy of displacement measurement±1%
Breakpoint ratio setting0~99%,Users can set the appropriate break down time according to different materials
Safety deviceUp and down travel limit device
Overload protectionautomatic shutdown over 10% of the maximum load, and machine overload, emergency shutdown device, up and down travel limit device.
FixtureTensile/compression each 1 set
Machine size500×400×1300mm
Machine weightAbout 70 Kg

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