Floor lock tensile testing machine


This machine is suitable for testing tensile strength, peeling and adhesion of finished or semi-finished products of hard rubber flooring (such as rubber flooring, PVC flooring, PVC flooring). It adopts horizontal mechanical design.


Professional clamping method makes your test accurate and effective.

Load sensor, durable, high precision.

Digital display of force can accurately display force value and displacement.

Floor lock tensile testing machine

[Technical parameters]

Test load50KG
Unit switchingkg, N
Degree of decomposition under load1/50,000
Load accuracy±1%
Maximum stroke (including fixture)150mm
Speed input modetouch screen input directly
Test speed2-300mm/min adjustable
Data sampling frequency10 Hz
Displaycan display the test value, the highest value
MotorTaiwan Staple stepper motor
Machine size660×425×500mm
Power supply220V,6A or specified
Weightabout 40kg

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