Grinding Glass Beads

Normal beads
      As blasting, road-marking and grinding media, it has features of orystal, steady chemical change and low cost.

Main Technical Parameters

■ Chemical Composition:SiO2 AL2O3   CaO  MgO  Na2O

■ Proportion:2.45g/cm3

■ Artificial Proportion:1.5g/cm3

■ Micro-rigidity:≥635kg/mm2

■ Diameters:0.2-0.4mm;0.4-0.6mm;0.6-0.8mm;0.8-1.0mm;1.0-1.5mm;1.5-2.0mm;2.0-2..5mm;2.5-3.0mm;3.0-3.5mm;3.5-4.0mm;4.0-4.5mm;4.5-5.0mm;

■ Ordering Information: LR 1300—Normal glass beads (25kg)

Intensive Beads 
  Silicate of boron grinding glass beads has features of tenacity, wear resistance, steady chemical change and 7.2 PH-value are suitable both for grinding materials with low, middle adhesion and blasting processes.

Main Technical Parameters
■ Chemical Composition:SiO2  AL2O3   CaO  BaO  Na2O  B2O3
■ Proportion:2.5g/cm3
■ Artificial Proportion:1.5g/cm3
■ Micro-rigidity:≥680kg/mm2
■ Diameters:0.6-0.8mm;0.8-1.0mm;1.0-1.5mm;1.5-2.0mm;2.0-2..5mm;2.5-3.0mm;3.0-3.5mm;3.5-4.0mm

■ Ordering information: BGD 1320—Intensive glass beads (25kg)

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