Haze Transmittance Meter ASTM D 1003,ISO 13468

It is designed for plastic sheets, films, glasses, LCD panel, touch screen and other transparent and semi-transparent materials haze and transmittance measurement. Our haze meter does not need warm-up during test which saves customer’s time. Instrument conforms to ISO, ASTM, JIS, DIN and other international standards to meet all customers’ measurement requirement.

Haze Transmittance Meter ASTM D 1003,ISO 13468

Technical Data

TypeHaze Meter
Light SourceCIE-A,CIE-C,CIE-D65
StandardsASTM D1003/D1044,ISO13468/ISO14782, JIS K 7361/ JIS K 7136, GB/T 2410-08
ParametersHAZE, Transmittance(T)
Spectral ResponseCIE Luminosity function Y/V (λ)
Measurement Area/ Aperture Size16.5mm/21mm
Measurement Range0-100%
Haze Resolution0.01
Haze Repeatability≤0.1
Sample SizeThickness ≤145mm
Memory20000 value
Working Temperature10-40 ℃ (+50 – 104 °F)
Storage Temperature-20-50℃ (+32 – 122 °F)
Size (LxWxH)310mm X 215mm X 540mm
Standard AccessoryFree PC software (Haze QC), one pcs of haze standard plate

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