The HF series are digital force gauge with compact size, high accuracy,  They are easy to operate and handy to carry out.

Widely applied in electron, high & low voltage electrical appliance, hardware, automobile parts, lighter and ignition system, light industry, mechanical, textile, and so on industries for testing of pull or push load test, insertion force or pull and destructive experiment.



High precision and high resolution.

Five testing modes and three display methods for selection  N (Newton), kg (Kilogram) and Ib (Pound) three measuring units for selection and conversion.

6 digits large screen display.

Setting function of gravity acceleration

Max. and min. and comparison value can be setted for statistic analysis.   Data storage function. 896 testing values can be stored. Data output function. The data can be input into computer through data line for various analyses.

LCD overturn display

Automatic PEAK function  A

utomatic storage test value function

Negative phototropism function

Printer function:this function can print the stored data through computer by USB.

Synchronous test function

Measuring correction

Solve overload instruction



Peak load valueN251020501002005001000
load division valueN0.0010.0010.
Indication error0.50%
UnitN / kg / lb
Data interfaceRs232 nine-hole socket
Powerrechargeable batteries, charger(charging voltage 100V-240V)
Sensor structureS-tye sensor with high precision (built-in sensor)
Ambient temperature5° C~35° C
Transport temperature-10° C~60° C
Relative humidity15%~80%RH
Working conditionsNo hypocenter and corrosive medium
Gross weight~2000g
Size273*182*70 mm

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