High Temperature Industrial Oven


It is mainly used for high temperature test, drying, baking and disinfection of non-volatile and non-inflammable and explosive test products, and also for general constant temperature test. It is an essential equipment for laboratories and scientific research units.


The structure is assembled in pieces and the surface is sprayed by epoxy powder electrostatic spraying.

Digital display and digital temperature setting can reduce the error of visual reading and operation.

Independent over – temperature protection, over – current protection and other functions.

High Temperature Industrial Oven

Temperature rangeRT+5℃~+200
Temperature fluctuation±1.0
Temperature uniformity±1.5%
Temperature resolution0.1
Internal sizeW450×H400×D400mm
Out sizeW650×H960×D800

High Temperature Industrial Oven

Inner materialStainless steel plate
Out materialCoating
Heat preservation materialHigh density insulation cotton
Observe doorDouble insulated window with window light to view the product inside the box
Forced to closeSilicone foam pressing 1PCS
Sample shelfThe box body is provided with 2PCS stainless steel racks with adjustable height
HeaterAdopt U – shaped heating tube of stainless steel fin type heat pipe imported from Taiwan
Chamber door

Clear touch key handle.

After button: SUS# 304.

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