HVS-30A   Digital Automatic Turret Vickers Hardness Tester

Model overview

Hvs-30a digital display automatic turret vickers hardness tester, with unique precision design in mechanical, optical and light source, makes the indentation image clearer and more accurate.With color liquid crystal display, high-speed 32-bit microprocessor control system, fully realize man-machine dialogue and automation operation.It has high test precision, simple operation, high sensitivity, easy to use and stable display value.

The test force is applied by electronic closed-loop control.The automatic application, maintenance, removal process and hardness value of the test force are fully realized.Structural modular design, power – up, no need to install weight.

The body part of the product is molded by casting process and has been treated for a long time.Compared with the jigging process, the long-term use of the shape variable is very small, and can be effectively adapted to various harsh environments;

Car paint, high quality paint, strong resistance to scratch, use many years still bright as new;

The optical system designed by the senior optical engineer is not only clear in image, but also can be used as a simple microscope, with adjustable brightness, comfortable vision and long time operation.

The automatic turret is configured, and the operator can easily and freely switch the high and low object lens to observe and measure the sample, so as to avoid the damage to the optical objective lens, pressure head and test force system.

Objective using high resolution measurement and observation, combined with built-in high-definition digital measurement of the length of encoder eyepiece, implements the indentation diagonal, a key measure out of manual input error and problems in the process of reading;

The CCD image processing system and video measuring device can be selected.

Equipped with bluetooth module, bluetooth printer, optional bluetooth PC receiver for wireless printing and wireless data transmission;

The accuracy is in accordance with GB/T4340.2 iso6507-2 and ASTM E384 in the United States.

HVS-30A   Digital Automatic Turret Vickers Hardness Tester

Range of application

  1. Black metal, non-ferrous metal, IC flake, surface coating, laminated metal;
  2. Glass, ceramics, agate, precious stones, thin plastic, etc.;
  3. Depth and gradient hardness test of carbonization layer and quenching layer.

Main technical parameters

  1. Measurement range: 5-5000hv.
  2. Test force :(level 8)

9.807, 19.614, 24.518, 29.421, 49.035, 98.07, 196.14, 294.21N.

1, 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30kgf.

  1. Optical measurement system.

Objective: 10 x, 20 x.

Total magnification: 100 x, 200 x.

Measuring range: 400 mu m.

Dividing value: 0.1 mu m.

  1. Appearance size and power supply.

Dimensions: 600*330*700mm.

Maximum height: 200mm.

Pressure head center to machine wall distance: 130mm.

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz;

Weight: 70Kg.

Accessory box standard

Digital display micrometer: 1;Tai ping test station: 1, xiaoping test station: 1;Diamond four pyramid head: 1;

Standard vickers hardness block: 2 pieces.


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