ICP-MS6880 Inductively Coupled Plasma Source Mass Spectro Meter

Product introduction


Inductively coupled plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) is a new analytical technique for trace, trace and ultra-trace elements developed in the 1980s. ICP-MS can determine most of the elements in the periodic table, and has a very low detection limit, an extremely wide dynamic linear range, simple spectral line, less interference, high precision, fast analysis and other performance advantages, LONROY analysis instrument is the earliest development of ICP-MS manufacturers, with domestic senior ICP-MS research and development team, Strive to build domestic quality ICP-MS products.

ICP-MS6880 Inductively Coupled Plasma Source Mass Spectro Meter

Performance characteristics

Integrated gas path module, reduce gas path joint, lightweight, modular, to ensure that the instrument is easy to move

◇ Independent research and development of solid-state power supply can ensure that the instrument in a variety of modes (such as conventional mode, cold plasma mode) operation, and in the same method allows the operation of a variety of modes, saving a lot of analysis time and convenient research.

◇ The mainstream market design, for users, especially third-party testing users greatly save the space occupied by the instrument, but also for the future implementation of vehicle applications, increase the possibility.

Quick switching software interface, “one-button” parameter setting intuitive and fast, improve the user’s work efficiency, but also provide automatic control of instruments and accessories, perfect for Windows professional operating system

American analysis instruments throughout the country’s service network, we 10 minutes response, 48 hours on-site service, customer service center tracking service at any time, to ensure the quality of service

ICP-MS6880 Inductively Coupled Plasma Source Mass Spectro Meter

Application field


Universities, quality inspection centers, environmental monitoring stations, enterprises, agricultural systems, geology and mining, environmental protection, geology and metallurgy, electronic and electrical appliances, food safety, chemical and pharmaceutical, etc.


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