IEC 61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester Burning Test Machine

1. Scope of Application:

1.1Used to measure the concentration of smoke emitted by cables and optical cables burning under specific conditions.


IEC 61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester Burning Test Machine

2. Meet the standards:

2.1 In accordance with GB/T17651.1 ~ 2-1998 and IEC 61034-1:1997, IEC 61034-2:1997, Determination of smoke density of Cables and Cables burning under Certain Conditions.


IEC 61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester Burning Test Machine

3. Main Features:

3.1 The smoke density optical measuring system for the combustion of cables or optical cables under specific conditions, designed in accordance with Part 1 (test apparatus) and Part 2 (test procedures and requirements) of GB/T17651.1~2-1998, consists of a light source, a silicon photocell receiver and a computer system.The light generated by the light source is formed on the wall opposite the light source through the 3m×3m×3m smoke density laboratory. A uniform light beam of 1.5m±0.1m in diameter is formed on the wall opposite the light source, and the light cell installed at the center of the light beam detects the light intensity from the light source.When a large amount of smoke is generated in the combustion chamber due to burning cables or optical cables, the smoke absorbs part of the photoelectricity, so that the beam intensity of the silicon photocell is weakened. After processing the data through the computer system, It can be calculated that the transmittance with a linear response is 100% compared with the initial time.

3.2 The instrument involves professional knowledge of machinery, optics and electronics. It is an integrated product of machine and photoelectric. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation.WINDOWS XP operating interface, LabVIEW style, perfect security mechanism.During the test, the measurement results can be displayed in real time and the perfect curve can be drawn dynamically. The data can be permanently saved, reviewed and printed out, and the report can be printed directly.See below 2



IEC 61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester Burning Test Machine

4. Combustion chamber:

4.1 SUS304 thick 1.5mm stainless steel is fixed on the square bracket to constitute the entire cube combustion chamber.

4.2 Internal dimension: L3000*W3000*H3000(mm)

4.3 Structure: There are glass observation Windows on the front and transparent sealed Windows on opposite walls on both sides. The size is 100mmx100mm to let the light beam of the horizontal optical measuring device pass through. The height of the center of sealed Windows is 2150mm from the ground.There are several air holes at the bottom. The air holes are 100x500mm(50 square centimeters).

4.4 Exhaust fan mounted on top.


IEC 61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester Burning Test Machine

5. Optical measurement system:

5.1 Light source

 imported quartz halogen lamp, nominal power: 100W;Nominal voltage: 12V Accuracy: ±0.01V;Nominal luminous flux: 2000 ~ 3000Lm, nominal color temperature: 2800K ~ 3200K, meet GB/T17651.1 5.2 requirements.


5.2 Receiver

silicon photocell, amplified by board card, input to computer through I/O board card, meet the requirements of GB/T17651.1, spectral response and CIE photometer match.

5.3 Installation

Install on one end of the pipe with a length of 150 and the other end as dustproof window. The inner wall of the pipe is glossy black and anti-reflection.


5.4 The transmittance of 0% means that no light passes through, and the transmittance of 100% passes through completely without shielding.


5.5 Range of light transmittance (0 ~ 100)%;



IEC 61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester Burning Test Machine

6. Standard fire source:

6.1 The ignition source is 1.0L alcohol: ethanol 90%, methanol 4%, water 6%

6.2 Alcohol dish (combustion boat) : stainless steel 1.0mm thick, bottom: 210x110mm, top: 240x140mm, height: 80mm;

6.3 Installation position: The distance between the alcohol tray and the ground shall be 100mm to enable air circulation.


IEC 61034 Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester Burning Test Machine

7. Smoke mixing:

7.1 Use a bench fan to distribute smoke evenly in the combustion chamber.The fan shaft is 250mm above the ground, with a wall 500mm, and the air flow is 7m3 / min.The air is blown horizontally by a fan during the test.

8. Blank test:

8.1 The purpose is to adjust the combustion chamber to reach the specified temperature, and the combustion chamber temperature is achieved by burning alcohol lamp: 25±5℃.

9. Temperature measuring device:

9.1 Temperature sensor is installed inside the door at a height of 1.5m from the ground and 0.5m from the wall.Monitor the temperature in the laboratory.

10. Approved combustion test in accordance with section 10 of GB/T17651.1-1999.

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