IEC60335 Sand Dust Test Chamber


This test chamber adopts artificial simulated dust environment, ability of test equipment to test specimen dust-proof, here is mainly used in car low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical, instruments, meters, lamps and lanterns of dust simulation testing, the basic structure and principle of this equipment and performance should meet the low voltage electrical protection of the national standard GB4208-93 about the sand dust test technical requirements.

 Structural characteristics

The outer shell of the equipment is made of cold-rolled steel plate with electrostatic spraying, and the inner shell is made of high-quality stainless steel plate. The overall appearance is beautiful and generous.There is a large area observation window and manual wiper device in the middle of the box door, which can facilitate to see the test condition of the specimen clearly during the test.The main control instrument of the equipment USES intelligent digital display control instrument, the main control instrument of the equipment USES intelligent digital display temperature control instrument, humanized design operation method, easy to learn and use, and different functional levels of instrument operation compatible with each other.Input using digital correction system, built-in common thermocouple and thermal resistance nonlinear correction table, accurate and stable measurement.Equipped with bit adjustment and AI artificial intelligence adjustment functions, level 0.2 accuracy, a variety of alarm modes.The device has timing function.Heating equipment adopts stainless steel finned heating tube.The dust blowing cycle and vibration cycle of the whole equipment are adjustable and equipped with the timer of the general test.

A insulation layer is added between the stainless steel inner tank and the shell. The door of the test box is attached with an observation window. The lower part of the door is an electrical control area, and talc powder simulating sand and dust is placed in the hopper at the bottom of the test box.The talc powder is blown into the upper part of the work room through a net with 75 micron square holes by using a circulating fan and an automatic jarring device, so as to form a high-density dust fog in the test space for the test products.

IEC60335 Sand Dust Test Chamber

Compliance with standards

1. GJB150.1-86

2. Gb4208-93 Sand and dust test Method

3. Gb2423.37-89 Sand and dust test method

4.GJB150.12 sand and dust test

5.GB10485 sand and dust test method

6. GB4706.1-2005


IEC60335 Sand Dust Test Chamber

 Main technical parameters

1. Size of inner box: 800*800*800 mm

2. Timing range: 0-99 hours and 59 minutes

3. Timing accuracy: ±1 minute

4. Lamp cycle: 0-99 hours and 59 minutes

5. Talc powder dosage: 2kg/m3-4kg/m3

6. Talc powder specification: dry talc powder that can pass through a square hole sieve of 75um and a metal wire diameter of 50um

7. Airflow velocity: ≤2m/s

8. Circulation air flow: smooth and adjustable and can be continuously carried out at the working point;

9. Shell material: stainless steel inner shell, shell electrostatic spraying

10. Observation window material: three-layer hollow tempered glass

11. Rated voltage: 380V/220V±10%, 50HZ

12. Total power (KW) : 3

13. Nominal spacing of metal mesh: 50um

14. Nominal spacing between lines: 70um

15. Fan cycle time 0 ~ 9999M

16. Sample power socket dustproof type socket AC220V 16A

Operation control system

The vacuum system of controller microcomputer programmable logic controller is equipped with pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulating triplet, connecting pipe (vacuum pump is equipped separately, instructions when ordering) and circulating fan low-noise motor.Stainless steel mica sheet heating sleeve for dust heating system of multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel

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