Incline Impact Resistance Test Machine


The inclined impact test bed simulates the ability of product packaging to withstand impact damage in a real environment,

Such as handling, shelf stacking, motor sliding, locomotive loading and unloading, product transportation and so on, this machine can also be used as scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, packaging technology testing centers, packaging material manufacturers and foreign trade, transportation and other departments for inclined impact commonly used test equipment.

Functional Features:

1. Flexible positioning of electric block, easy to fix the position, to achieve the required speed change value;

2. The height of the block is relatively low, which is conducive to the installation of the test product; Reinforced impact plate to ensure the structure is firm.

3. The block table can be adjusted to the level, convenient for the user to install the specimen; Angle adjustment with cylinder drive, flexible and convenient.

4. When installing, customers only need to fix the machine on the ground, without other complex operation or installation, convenient test

Design standard: 11-1992 in GB/T48577 (horizontal impact test of package)

Main technical parameters:

Control system: touch screen operation

Lifting mode: hydraulic lifting

Load (kg) : 300kg

Impact panel size (H*W) 1600 x 2000mm

Impact panel material: wood

Maximum sliding length (mm) : 2000mm (customizable)

Impact velocity range (m/s) : 1.1 ~ 2.3m/s

Impact Angle: 10°±1

Impact velocity error: ≤±5%

Block table size: 1600×1600mm

Power supply voltage: three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz

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