ISO 5628 ISO 2493 Flexural Stiffness Tester is suitable for testing all kinds of paper and paperboard and all kinds of new materials bending crease stiffness test instrument.The stiffness instrument is suitable for testing flexural crease stiffness of paper, paperboard and other sheet materials with thickness less than 3mm, and also for testing softness of wire, leather and film.

ISO 5628 ISO 2493 Paper Board Flexural Stiffness Tester Test Standard

GB/T 23144 “general principles for the determination of static bending stiffness of paper and paperboard”;

GB/T 22364 “determination of bending stiffness of paper and paperboard”;

ISO 5628 “paper and board – determination of static bending stiffness – general principles”;

ISO 2493 paper and board – determination of flexural stiffness


ISO 5628 ISO 2493 Paper Board Flexural Stiffness Tester Specification

Easy operation via the integrated touch screen

Measurement range:  0-30000mN

Load cell accuracy:±0.1%

Sample size:38*70mm Standard size

Measure thickness:0.01-5mm


Bend angle:1-92° adjustable

Multi-angle measurement: the word test can measure 3 different angles at the same time,1° -90°  can set

Angle speed control:0.5-5°/sec Three test angles and duration are independently adjustable

Angle accuracy:±0.1°

Bend length:Choose different force arms according to different materials

8 grade force arms choose:length span:1-60mm,5mm,10mm,15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,40mm,50mm,8 grade adjustable.

Length span accuracy:±0.1mm

Bend time:5-35s adjustable

Self-calibrate:The equipment can realize self-calibration and standard calibration tools

Data ouput:7 inch touched screen,with test curve

Print output:Thermal paper printer

Test fixture: manual fixture operation, visual menu operation

Clamping mode: unlimited clamping, non – destructive continuous clamping

Signal output: the device can achieve self-calibration: standard calibration tools

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