ISO Flow Viscosity Cup ISO2431

ISO flow cup is designed according to ISO 2431 and GB/T 6753.4. It is an internationally used viscosity test tool for measuring the outflow time of Newtonian or approximately Newtonian liquids (within 100 seconds of outflow time)

ISO Flow Viscosity Cup ISO2431

Main technical parameters:

Material: Cup body – aluminum alloy;Outflow nozzle – stainless steel

Measuring range: 7 ~ 2000 centis

According to the characteristics of the product select an appropriate label of the outflow cup (the outflow time is controlled between 30-100 seconds)

ISO Flow Viscosity Cup ISO2431

Hole diameter D


Stroke (S)25-15030-10030-10030-10030-100
Stroke  (cS t)7-4234-13591-326188-684600-2000

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