ASTM D256 ISO180 Digital Plastic IZOD Impact Tester LR-A002

IZOD Impact Tester is used to test impact toughness of hard plastic,designed by test standard ASTM D256 ISO 180 supplied by LONROY EQUIPMENT with competitive price.



IZOD Impact Tester uses to test impact toughness of hard plastic,GFPA,glass fiber reinforced plastics,ceramics, cast stone,electrical insulating materialand other non-metal material.It’s ideal testing equipments in chemical industry,R&D institution,quality controlling dept.

ASTM D256 ISO180 Digital Plastic IZOD Impact Tester   LR-A002


1,intelligent controller has high precision, and is equipped with LCD display, can be intuitive, accurate reading data
2,domestic first using carbon fiber beam (has applied for patent),  impact on direction, improve rigidity of materials, and will impact  quality of concentrated in  largest pendulum on center of mass of truly no vibration impact test, and increase service life.
3,imported high resolution digital encoder, Angle test precision is higher and more stable
4,aerodynamic impact hammer and imported ball bearing, greatly reduced mechanical friction loss
5,automatically calculate final result, test data can be stored and averaging 12 groups of data
6,can choose Chinese and English operation interface, test results can choose J/m, KJ / ㎡, kg – cm/cm, ft – ib/in etc.
7,built-in miniature printer test data.

ASTM D256 ISO180 Digital Plastic IZOD Impact Tester   LR-A002

 Test standard:

ISO180-2000 “plastics – determination of hard material cantilever beam impact strength
GB/T1843-2008 “hard plastic cantilever beam impact test method”
JB/T8761-1998 plastic cantilever beam impact testing machine,
ASTM D256-2010 “test method for determination of plastic  IZOD pendulum impact strength

 IZOD Impact Tester Specifications

impact speed3.5 m/s
pendulum energy(5.5 D) 2.75 J, 5.5 J
pendulum Yang Angle150 °
pendulum impact center to edge distance335 mm
impact the blade to the jaw plane distance 22 mm
blade radiusR = 0.8 + / – 0.2 mm
supply voltageAC220V plus or minus 10% 50 hz
Outside size560(Length)* 300(Width)* 840(Height)mm

ASTM D256 ISO180 Digital Plastic IZOD Impact Tester   LR-A002

Specifications choice

Pendulum energy2.75J、5.5J11J、22J
Pendulum pre elevation150°
Impact Speed3.5M/S

Working principle 

Pendulum with known energy uses to support sample of vertical cantilever beam with single impact, and energy absorbed by sample. Impact line is  fixed distance from  sample fixture, and impact line is fixed distance from notch center line. pendulum type, is composed of main components  pendulum, sample support, energy indicator mechanism and body, as a result,can show impact energy absorbed by sample in process of failure.

IZOD Fixture       

Test Report

First of all,set impact speed,energy also set impact methods,After testing,Finally,machine will print a test report for IZOD impact test.

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