JB-300B Semi-automatic impact testing machine


JB-300B  Semi-automatic impact testing machine

1, product reviews
The principle
This company produces the series impact testing machine is strictly according to GB/T3808-2007 “the pendulum impact testing machine products, according to the national standard GB/T229-1994” metallic charpy notch impact test method for impact test metal material.
The test principle of the product is before using pendulum impact energy and impact after the rest of the potential difference between the displayed on the dial, get the test to absorb.


JB-300B  Semi-automatic impact testing machine

2,product features
The device’s working principle is through the pendulum impact before and after the impact of potential to detect the difference between the shock absorption function, the impact toughness of the material.Display mode for the dial pointer display;Semi-automatic control is used on this equipment operation, electric lift is placed in the process of test, impact, and can use their residual thrust sample after energy can realize automatic Yang.Easy operation, high work efficiency, in the style of impact test, the continuous do more embodies its superiority.


3,applicable industry
The machine is suitable for machinery, metallurgy, aerospace, universities and colleges, scientific research institutes in various fields such as is used to measure the impact toughness of metal material value and impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load.Widely used in scientific research units.


4,the main purpose
Mainly on impact toughness of the larger black metal, especially castings, steel and their alloys to absorb impact work and wayward experiment was carried out.


JB-300B  Semi-automatic impact testing machine

5,Product performance
(a) the main technical indicators
1, the biggest impact energy: 150 j 300 j two block
2, dial scale range and dividing value:

Energy Range0~300J0~150J
   Every little index values2J1J

3, pendulum moment

Pendulum impact energy300J150J
The pendulum moment160.7695N.m80.3848N.m


4, pendulum Yang Angle: 150 °
5, the pendulum center to impact point (testing center) distance: 750 mm
6, impact speed: 5.2 m/s
7, style bearing span: 40 + / – 1 mm
8, style bearing end arc radius: 1-1.5 mm
9, style pedestal bearing surface inclination: 0 °
10, impact blade circular arc radius: 2-2.5 mm
11, impact blade Angle of 30 °
12, impact blade thickness: 16 mm
13, style specifications: 10 * 10 * 55 mm
About 450 kg weight: 14 and testing machine
15, testing machine appearance size: 2124 * 600 * 1340 mm
16, power supply: 50 hz380v three phase four wire system
17, main motor power: 380 v180w

  • working conditions
    Within the scope of a 10-35 DHS, room temperature C;
    B, relative humidity is not more than 85%;
    C, no corrosive medium environment around;
    D, installation on the thickness of not less than 300 mm of concrete foundation or fixed on the basis of greater than 880 kg;
    E, stand on the installation within the levelness of the datum to 0.2/1000;

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