Product Introduction

JB – 4 c precision roughness meter is a kind of high precision contact pin type surface roughness measuring instrument, the instrument can be on the plane, inclined plane, cylinder, inner hole surface, deep groove surface, circular arc surface and spherical parts surface roughness test, and implement the parameters such as the shape of the surface roughness and contour measurement, also can measure the workpiece TP steps (scratch).The instrument is easy to use, high precision and repeatability.

Equipped with computer and special measurement software, advanced noiseless mechanical positioning device, the instrument can select different positions of the parts to be tested, set various measuring lengths for automatic measurement, and the sampling data within the evaluation section can reach 3000 points.All measurement data and curves can be displayed on the screen or printed out, so it is widely used in automobile supporting industry, machinery, mold processing, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other major industries.

The instrument conforms to the requirements of national standards GB/T3505-2000, GB/T6062-2001, GB/ T1010-1998, and international standards ISO5436 and ISO11562.


Technical Specifications

Roughness measurement
Measuring parameterRa,rz,rt,rs,rsm,rp,rv,rmax,rq,d,pt,

Lr,ln and rmr(tp)curve etc.

Roughness profile graph magnification10-500000 automatic adjustment
Roughness range


Ra 0.01 – 30 µm above
Sampling length


L: 0.08 ,0.25, 0.8, 2.5 mm
To evaluate the lengthLn: 1l, 2l, 3l, 4l, 5l
Instrument evaluation sampling4000point


 Resolution ratio0.001 µm
 Indication error± (5 %+4nm)
Measuring repeatability± 3 %
Measure the maximum height of workpiece300mm
Sensor measurableSurface roughness of various parts such as plane, inclined plane, inner hole surface, outer cylinder surface, groove surface, circular arc surface and spherical surface
Natural diamond contactStandard, height 8mm
small pass, 4mm
contact radius: 2 m, measuring force: 4 mn center angle: 60 degrees
The left and right sliding speed of the drive box2mm/sec
Drive box lifting formIntelligent design: Up and down automatic lifting, the touch pin will automatically stop when it touches the highest point of the measured workpiece
Movement speed0.5 mm/sec
Linear regionVertical640 um
Pt measuring range for steps and scratches100 µm
Longitudinal rangey


60 mm
Outline of the graphicsDirect contour, filtered contour
RejectorIso 2cr rejector
Measurable range of bore


≥ ø5 mm
X-yworkbenchServing temperature with rotation angle ±10˚
x-y movement range is 15 mm
Dimensions of bearing inner and outer ringsThe maximum outside diameter of inner ring is 280mm
the thickness of 160 mm
minimum diameter of outer ring is 12mm
Printing paper specificationA4 paper
Operating systemWin7
Standard accessories, accessoriesRoughness tester host, pillar and marble base, controller, drive device, sensor,
x-y table, v-block, standard stylus, small-pass stylus, roughness template,
computer printer, instructions
Power supply


220 vac ±10%, 50hz
Size of marble table630×400×100mm  weight:100kg
Instruments and gross weight150 kg




Instrument standard configuration

  1. One pillar and marble base
  2. One controller
  3. Driving device: 1 piece
  4. One sensor
  5. One set of X-Y workbench
  6. One Piece of V-shaped platform
  7. One A/D conversion card
  8. One signal line
  9. One signal control line
  10. One natural diamond roughness standard stylus
  11. One natural diamond roughness small-pass stylus
  12. One roughness sample (Certificate of National Metrology Institute)
  13. One set of measuring software and installation panel
  14. One set of computer and printer

(Brand computer, DDR4G memory, 500G hard disk, high performance integrated graphics card, 19.5-inch LCD monitor)

HP Inkjet printer

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