JB-5C/6C ISO5436 Easy Operation Profile Roughness Tester

Product brief  Introduction:

JB-5C/6C Profile roughness tester is a precision measuring instrument which is widely used in machining, automobile, bearing, machine tools, touch tools, precision hardware, optical processing and other industries.The instrument drive box provides high-precision linear reference guide rail with different specifications of 100, 120 and 150 mm. The sensor moves in a straight line along the guide rail.So we can set up X coordinate measurement units.The differential inductance sensors are used in Z axis from 10 mm to 20mm.The drive box can be adjusted horizontally ±10 degrees by the horizontal adjusting button.And can carry on the horizontal and the vertical direction movement respectively through the control box’s operation key or the software interface.The sample shape can be scaled up to any size.The measurement software under WINDOWS XP operating system is intuitive and convenient to operate.Rich function, high precision, good stability, and easy to print out and save files.

The roughness and contour shape parameters of various precision mechanical parts can be measured.The fitting method can be used to evaluate the radius, Angle treatment, circle treatment, point line treatment, Angle and distance from the center of two circles.Thus, shape parameters such as straightness, convexity, groove center distance, inclination, groove depth, groove width, groove edge distance, vertical distance from groove center distance, horizontal distance and step can be measured.

The performance of the instrument can be compared with that of foreign imported instruments. The instrument has reached the international standard in all aspects. The instrument conforms to the national standards GB/ t3505-2000, GB/ t6062-2001, GB/ t10610-1998, and the international standards ISO5436, ISO11562,ISO4287.See technical parameters for detailed indicators.


JB-5C/6C ISO5436 Easy Operation Profile Roughness Tester


roughness test:
measuring parameterRa,Rz,Rt,RS,RSm,Rp,Rv,Rmax,Rq,D,Pt,Lr,Ln and Rmr(Tp)Curve Curve  etc.Ra,Rz,Rt,RS,RSm,Rp,Rv,Rmax,Rq,Rpk,Rpv,Rk,Mr1,Mr2,D,Pt,Lr,Ln and Rmr (T p) Curve  etc.
Roughness profile graphics magnification10,20,50,100,200,500,1000,2000,5000,10000,20000,50000,100000,200000,500000 or automatic
Roughness measuring range0.01 – 30 µm above
Sampling lengthL: 0.08 ,0.25, 0.8, 2.5,8 mm
To evaluate the lengthLn: 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L To choose
Instrument evaluation sampling100000 dot
resolution ratio0.001 µm
indication error± (5 %+4nm)
Measurement repeatability± 3 %
Measure the maximum height of the workpiece370mm


Contour measurement range:
range of measurement:X:100mm


X:120mm or 150mm (JB-6CA)


Shape measurement functionelement:Point, line, top, valley, intersection, contact, center line.Analysis: coordinate difference, distance, Angle, radius, contour, etc.
Sensor range1mm(roughness),10mm(outline)1mm(roughness), 20mm(outline)
Shape graphics magnification1,2,3,4,5,10,20,50,100,120,150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500
Ratio of range to resolution65,536:1
Axial measurement range100mm120mm
Radius error0.1%-1.0%
Straightness measurement error1μm/40mm
sample rate0.25 mm/sec,0.5 mm/sec,1mm/sec
Lifting speed2mm/second
Up and down, left and right

X:100mm   Z:  370mm

X: 120mm   Z:  370mm
The length of the needle18mm and 6.5mm30mm and 12 mm
Tip radius of stylus10μm
The Angle of the tip of the stylusLong needle 16 degrees, short needle 30 degrees


Instrument power supply220 VAC ±10%, 50Hz
Marble table size700mm×400mm×100mm  weight :150kg
Instruments and gross weight200Kg

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