JBW-500B  Microcomputer control pendulum impact testing machine

Performance description:

JBW-500B impact testing machine is used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load, so as to judge the quality of materials under dynamic load.

This machine is a microcomputer semi-automatic control testing machine, with simple operation and high efficiency, electrical control of pendulum, impact and pendulum, and can make preparation for the next test by using the residual energy of the impulse test sample.

JBW-500B  Microcomputer control pendulum impact testing machine

Technical features

  1. The machine is a semi-automatic impact testing machine with microcomputer screen display, which is controlled by PC microcomputer. It can realize the microcomputer operation such as lifting pendulum→impact→measurement→operation, screen digital display→printing.The residual energy is used to automatically lift the pendulum after the impact sample.Especially in the continuous impact test laboratory and a large number of impact tests in metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries can reflect its advantages.The computer can calculate and show the material shock absorption, pendulum Angle and test average value.Remote data transfer can also be implemented according to user needs.
  2. The main engine of the test machine is a single-supported column structure, with cantilever type hanging swing mode and pendulum hammer type C;
  3. The impact knife is installed and fixed with screw, which is easy to replace;
  4. Simple beam support for the sample;
  5. The host is equipped with safety protection pin and safety protection net;
  6. Manual control box and computer control, complete the whole process of swing taking, impact, automatic swing and re-impact test as instructed.
  7. The test machine is in line with GB/ t3803-2002 “test of pendulum impact machine”, and the impact test of metal materials is conducted according to GB/T 229-2007 “method of charpy pendulum impact test of metal materials”.

JBW-500B  Microcomputer control pendulum impact testing machine

Technical index

  1. Impact energy: 500J and 550J
  2. Impact velocity: 54m/s

3, pendulum Yang Angle: 150 °

  1. Sample support span: 40mm
  2. Round Angle of clamp mouth of support: R1.0~1.5mm
  3. Round Angle of impact blade: R2.0~2.5mm (R8mm)
  4. Distance from center of pendulum to impact point: 800mm
  5. Standard sample size: 10 x 10 x 55mm
  6. Power supply and power: three-phase four-wire 50Hz 380V 5A
  7. External dimension: 2300 x 600 x 1900mm

11, the accuracy of Angle: 0.1 °

  1. Weight: about 550Kg
  2. Environmental conditions: no corrosive medium, no vibration and no strong electromagnetic interference in the surrounding environment.

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