Functions and uses

This series of impact testing machine is a high stiffness main engine, microcomputer control, automatic measurement record of the test machine, is the highest level of domestic pendulum impact testing machine.

This series of impact test machine is designed and manufactured according to ISO 148:1998, GB/T 3808-2010 test of pendulum impact test machine.Fully meet the domestic and international standards for impact testing of metallic materials.

This series of impact testing machine has passed the inspection and verification of various standard impact test samples at home and abroad, participated in and passed the international comparison test of impact test, obtained the European Union CE certification, passed the inspection certification of national testing machine quality supervision and inspection center, and passed the inspection of shandong institute of metrology.

This series of impact testing machine has powerful function, stable and reliable, accurate test and convenient operation.It is an ideal test equipment to test the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load and to judge the toughness and brittleness of materials.

This series of impact testing machine can be widely used in scientific research institutes, testing institutions, universities and colleges, aerospace, military industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, pressure containers, ships, vehicles, Bridges, wind power and other precision of materials research, material analysis, materials development, material selection, process improvement and quality control.


Technical specification

1Host and attached parameters:      

Maximum impact energy(J)750
Effective range20%-80%FS
Prelift Angle of pendulum150°
The distance from the axis to the center of the blow750mm



2Machine specification

Impact energy N535.8985
Moment of pendulum N·m401.9239
Impact speed5.24m/s
Anvil block span40mm
Corner radius of anvil holderR1-1.5mm
Slope Angle of anvil block11°±1°
Impact blade Angle30°±1°
Impact blade



2mm Impact blade2mm-2.5mm
8mm Impact blade8mm±0.05mm
· 8mm

Radius of Angle of impact blade and shoulder

· 8mm

Impact edge width

4mm ±0.05mm

Impact edge width

Impact edge thinkness16mm
Meet sample specifications(mm)10×10×55mm,10×7.5×55mm,

10×5×55mm, 10×2.5×55mm

3The measured parameters

Angle measurement methodPhotoelectric encoder
Angle accuracy0.06°
Digital display Angle resolution0.015°
Digital display power resolution0.12J
Minimum resolution of the dial≥1.25J
Energy display modeDial, LCD, microcomputer


4Total machine specification

Out sizeHostInstall Grid guard 2220×900 ×2220(L×W×H)mm
Electric cabinet960×620×830(L×W×H)mm
WeightHostAbout 1500Kg
Electric cabinetAbout 100Kg
Rate of power1.5kW
Power3phase 5 wires,380V±10%,50Hz
Use environmentNo vibration, no dust;Room temperature(15-25℃);Humidity<70%

 Test standard

GB/T 2611-2007 《Test machine  General technical requirements

GB/T 3808-2010《Testing of pendulum impact testing machine》

GB/T 229-2007《Charpy pendulum impact test method for metallic materials》

JJG 145-2007《Pendulum impact testing machine》

ISO 148:1998《Metallic materials-Charpy pendulum impact test》

ASTM E23-07a《Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials》

GB/T 18658-2002《Charpy V notch standard sample for testing of pendulum impact testing machine》

JB/T 6147-2007 《Test machine packaging, packaging mark, storage and transportation technical requirements》


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