The projector is a kind of measuring instrument which utilizes the principle of optics to enlarge the image of the measured piece on the projection screen through the objective lens with accurate magnification.The projector is a precision instrument which integrates light, machine, electricity and calculation.



The imaging is clear, the magnification rate is accurate, the comparison measurement is convenient.

Aspherical condenser illuminates, makes the projection screen field bright and even, reduces the measurement error, the precision is more guaranteed.

Imported long life halogen tungsten lamp is adopted to meet the demand of long time use.

Axial fan provides heat dissipation in both directions.

With DS600 multifunction digital display table, and can choose micro printer.



Projection screen size: 100mm

Projection screen rotation range: 0 ° ~ 360 °

Rotation Angle: 1 ‘

Rotation Angle accuracy: 6 ‘


The workbench

Worktable size(mm)340×152
Measure range(mm)150×50
Focusing range(mm)0~90
Resolution ratio(mm)0.001
Accuracy of instrument3+L/75μm(L is measure length,unit:mm)
 Table loading(kg)10

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