Application Area

Typical measuring objects are: in the automobile manufacturing industry, testing dimensions of various driving shafts, supporting shafts, motor bearings, internal forging products, valves, brake pads, tubular parts, steering gear, nozzles and other workpieces;In the electronics industry, check various electronic connectors, circuit boards, mobile phone shell, mobile phone buttons, video head, outlet, lamp source and other parts contour and hole size;In the plastic rubber industry, testing the parameters of various rubber rings, rubber bars, rubber rolls and other plastic products;In the mechanical manufacturing industry, various shapes and sizes of thread, screw, motor blade, gear, machine tool and other products are tested.In the watch industry, check the size and contour profile of the bearing, gear, movement, pointer and other parts in the watch.In the aerospace industry, the profile dimensions of various aircraft impeller, blade, electronic control workpiece, and engine bearing are tested.


Using arc curve shape, beautiful instrument, easy to use.

The lifting system adopts linear guide rail and non-interference nut to make the lifting drive more comfortable and stable.

The anti-dust effect is better with patent coating process.

The intensity of transmission lighting can be adjusted in two levels to meet the measurement requirements of different workpieces.

High brightness and long life halogen tungsten lamp is adopted to meet the long time service demand.

The optical system has good quality, clear image and accurate magnification.

Axial fan provides heat dissipation in both directions.



Projection screen

Screen size:φ300mm

Rotation range of projection screen:0°~360°

Rotation Angle shows equivalent : 1′

Rotation Angle accuracy:     6′

ModelSmall typeBig type
Worktable size(mm)350×202400×225
Measure range(mm)150×100200×100
Focusing range(mm)0~900~90
Resolution (mm)0.0010.001
Accuracy3+L/75μm(L is measure length,Unit:mm)3+L/75μm(L is measure length,Unit:mm)
Table bearing(kg)55



Objective magnification10×20×50×100×
Objective field of viewφ30mmφ15mmφ6mmφ3mm
Working distance of objective lens75mm69mm44mm26mm

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