K-8800 Handheld metal alloy analyzer,portable xrf spectrometers
Product description

The K-8800 is a standard Comace KMX instrument used for non-destructive, rapid and accurate analysis and detection of alloy elements and alloy brand identification. Rapid analysis of the contents of more than twenty-five elements ranging from magnesium (Mg) to uranium (U). The instrument adopts one-key anti-stay operation to remove complex operation options and effectively prevent human misoperation. Features: One key switch operation, no extra action; Automatic calibration instrument, no manual operation; 45 seconds boot to test 0.8 seconds out of brand and data; One-button sample detection function, software automatic timing lock, automatic stop test function; Determine that the X-ray is automatically turned off within 2 seconds when there is no sample in the test window.

K-8800 Handheld metal alloy analyzer,portable xrf spectrometers
Product parameter

Product description, technical parameters and configuration
Handheld spectrometer six performance advantages
* More convenient operation
1, light weight, small size, ergonomic handle design, equipped with a special instrument set, easier to grasp, more convenient field use.
2, high-definition screen, support multi-point control, can be clearly displayed in any light.
3, sealed integrated design, with waterproof and dust-proof function, can be used continuously in harsh environment.
4, no sample preparation, can be measured directly on the surface of the test object. The instrument can be used for both rapid hand-held testing and detailed testing of samples over a longer period of time using a test stand.

K-8800 Handheld metal alloy analyzer,portable xrf spectrometers
More excellent performance

1, non-destructive rapid testing, alignment test, one second can report the results and alloy brand. Performance comparable to desktop, detection effect is fast and accurate.
2, at the same time detection of magnesium, aluminum, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium, germanium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, indium, tin, antimony, hafnium, tantalum, tungsten, rhenium, platinum, gold, lead, bismuth elements, can be customized according to customer needs to add elements.
3. Ultra-close optical path design, the instrument does not need to fill helium, can detect elements starting from Ti, can fully meet the needs of specific users.
K-8800 Handheld alloy analyzer

Fast and accurate analysis of alloy brands and elements on site
K-8800 handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (handheld spectrometer) concentrated a number of optoelectronics, microelectronics, semiconductor and computer technology, developed with independent intellectual property rights, a new generation of handheld XRF products. XRF alloy analyzer is a handheld alloy analyzer using a new large screen high resolution LCD screen and a new digital multichannel data processor. The ultra low detection limit makes the performance of the handheld analyzer comparable to that of the desktop. The instrument is small in size and light in weight, which can be carried around for measurement. It is suitable for the analysis of various types of alloy samples.

K-8800 Handheld metal alloy analyzer,portable xrf spectrometers
Alloy industry application

Precious metal alloy
Iron and steel smelting
Scrap metal recovery
Mechanical manufacturing and processing
Boiler pressure vessel
Aerospace industry

K-8800 Handheld metal alloy analyzer,portable xrf spectrometers
Handheld XRF Analyzer k-8800 Technical specifications

1, detector: German KETEK oversized area SDD detector (resolution less than 129ev), Peltier effect semiconductor refrigeration system, can simultaneously record analytical data and spectrogram

2, excitation source: the United States Moxtek high-power micro X-ray tube, Ag target, 4W high-power X-ray tube, variable voltage tube voltage 50KV, tube current up to 200μA

3. Filter: 8 filters are configured, which can be automatically switched according to the test elements

4, standard plate: Swiss motor, built-in 316 standard plate/window protection cover

5. Calculation method: Alloy KMX 8.0,FP-EC various calculation methods, the instrument has been corrected before delivery; The instrument has the function of establishing specific correction curve, which is suitable for precise testing of specific samples.

6. Computer processor and operating software: Windows CE6.0 system (the latest version), WiFi hotspot sharing function, high resolution TFT industrial color HD touch screen, ergonomic, solid, dust-proof, waterproof, clearly visible under any light conditions

7, heat dissipation: a large area of aluminum alloy and to the human silicone application, heat dissipation area is 1/3 more than counterparts, integrated fuselage design, strong, waterproof, dustproof, anti-freeze, anti-vibration, can be used normally in harsh environment.

8, data display: elements can be adjusted according to the test requirements, the element display order or display;

9, data export: One is through the storage device SD card or U disk, directly export the data; One is to export data through PC software;

10, data format: pdf or Excel format, including element content, graph, image, etc., and a variety of templates to choose from;

11, data transmission: MicroSD card, USB, WIFI, Bluetooth, cloud disk; Features WIFI/ Bluetooth adapter

12, hot swap technology: large capacity capacitor, support no shutdown, directly replace the battery;

K-8800 Handheld metal alloy analyzer,portable xrf spectrometers
Handheld XRF Analyzer k-8800 specifications

One box
1 charger
One copy of paper instruction
1 piece of 316 standard tablets
One anti-fall wrist strap
software data backup USB flash disk 1
2 pieces of window film

K-8800 Handheld alloy analyzer K-8800 Handheld alloy analyzer K-8800 Handheld alloy analyzer

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