ASTM1149 ISO1431 Ozone Aging Climatic Chamber

Main functions are introduced

Ozone Aging Climatic Chamber simulation and strengthen the ozone in the atmosphere conditions, studied the effect of ozone on rubber, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber ozone aging resistance and antiozonant shielding efficiency of the method, and then take effective measures, the anti aging in order to improve the service life of rubber products. Ozone aging test chamber is applicable to non-metallic materials and rubber products aging crack test. Main functions are introduced

 ASTM1149 ISO1431 Ozone Aging Climatic Chamber

Technical Parameters

1.Product Name Ozone Climatic Chamber
3.Limit sampleThe test equipment is prohibited:

(1) Test or storage of samples of inflammable, explosive and volatile substances

(2) Test or storage of corrosive substances

(3) Testing or storage of biological samples

(4).The test or storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples


4.Volume, Dimension , Weight
4.1.Nominal content product150L
4.2.The type sizeW500*H600*D500mm
4.3.External dimensionW950*H1750*D1000mm


About 250㎏

5.1Test Environmental Conditions


5.2.Test Method

The ambient temperature is +25℃, relative humidity ≤85% and there is no sample in the test chamber

* The stainless steel test chamber meets the international standard and the completely closed gas loop for producing ozone by silent discharge. The entire ozone gas generation and capture is a closed loop to ensure personal safety.

* arbitrarily set ozone concentration in the range of 1000pphm.

* Sample holder device driven by speed regulating motor

(It satisfies the static tensile test, and the specimen’s running trajectory satisfies the cycloidal trajectory principle)

* Ozone concentration automatic digital display control instrument.

* Double beam “QUA” non-dispersive ultraviolet ozone detector.

* Digital display automatic online measurement.

* There is a calibration interface for metrological verification.

* Ozone concentration/temperature and humidity setting value control PID self-setting, convenient and reliable operation.

* 3rd generation Bill Lambert measurement application software.

* Security door lock control system


5.3.Ozone concentration range20~500 pphm(Set up direct reading)
5.4.Ozone concentration deviationOzone concentration deviation: national standard 10%
5.5.Test chamber temperatureMeasurement range: room temperature ~ +70℃ (temperature range when ozone occurs)
5.6.Relative humidity 

Measurement range below 60%RH (humidity range when ozone occurs)


5.7.Specimen holder360 degree rotating sample stand (static)
5.8.Dynamic stretchingEach fixture can install test pieces of tensile type can meet Ⅰ dumbbell dynamic work piece and the actual workpiece
5.9.Test gas flow rate0-60L/min
5.10.Temperature range0℃→+100℃(Arbitrary setting)
5.11.Humidity range20-65%RH
5.12.Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
5.13.Humidity fluctuation±2.5%
5.14.Temperature Departure±2.0℃
5.15.Humidity Deviation±3.0%RH
5.16.Condition of LoadingNot have
5.17.Working noiseA levels of 70 db (A) or less

(Measured in a sound-proof room with ambient temperature of 25℃ and little echo;A was used to calculate weight and test the average value of 8 points.Each test point is 1 m horizontally away from the noise source and 1 m above the ground.)

5.18.Meet test standardEquipment used for testing ozone aging performance of rubber and its products:
JIS K 6259  ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB/T7762  GB/T13642


KB-CY150L ASTM1149 ISO1431 Ozone Aging Climatic Chamber

6.Architectural Feature:

6.1.Insulation enclosure:(1) Outer wall material: A3 steel plate with electrostatic spraying

(2).Inner wall material: mirror stainless steel plate SUS# 304.

(3).Box insulation material: 100mm high temperature resistant rigid polyurethane foam.

(4).Insulation material for box door: 100mm high temperature resistant rigid polyurethane foam.

6.2.Bottom structural strength:The heavy capacity of track at the bottom of the test box: ≤100Kg/m (load). The bottom plate of the studio is welded with 4mm channel steel.

6.3. Air conditioning passage Stainless steel long axis centrifugal fan: 1 /90W.

Fan, heater, evaporator (and dehumidifier), drainage device, pressure balance port, adjustable air guide plate, temperature sensor

6.4.(1).Standard configuration of test box Window 250x350x40mm 3 layers of vacuum toughened glass.

(2).Flush type handle,

(3).Door hinge :SUS #304 inlet hinge

(4).Energy-saving light in the box: LED light emitting way

(5).Lead hole: 50mm 1 (with a rubber plug)

(6).Ozone discharge outlet: 50mm towards outdoor

6.5.The door is

(1) Single door, open outwards, hinged on the left, handle on the right (when facing the front of the box).

(2) Equipped with safety lock locking mechanism (the door can be opened in the test room), the door is equipped with electric heating to prevent condensation, and the viewing range of insulating glass observation window is about W200×H280mm.A dew-proof electric heating device is provided for the door frame

6.6. Control panel Domestic controller TEMI880 professional display screen, ozone aging display screen, device timer (0-99999 hours, non-returnable), overtemperature protection setting device, emergency stop switch, operation indicator, fault indicator, buzzer, USB interface, with USB function, curve and data can be downloaded.

6.7. Refrigerating unit in the mechanical room, water plate for compressor, pressure discharging device, heating device, standby sample testing power

6.8. Distribution cabinet switchboard, cooling fan, main power switch, IO board, machine tool transformer, ballast, intermediate relay, time relay, solid state relay, AC contactor, thermal relay, fuse, circuit breaker

6.9. (1).Heater Finned radiator tube type stainless steel electric heater

(2) Thermal control mode: SSR (solid state relay) contact-free pulse width adjustment

(3).Thermal power: about 2.5KW

6.10. The power cord hole and drain hole are located at the back of the box

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