KY-330   Air Leakage Detector


KY-330 Air-tightness adopts differential pressure principle and uses compressed air as the medium for product detection. It is a non-destructive testing instrument.With its high precision, complete function and other characteristics, it is widely used in the sealing testing of product parts.

Functional features

1,32 bit processor and 12 bit A/D converter

  1. Alarm function of two stages: big leak and small leak
  2. Zero leakage air leakage control valve set
  3. Display the leakage unit pa, ml/min
  4. Output, OK,NG, counting function

6.7 inch touch screen, Chinese and English interface

  1. Historical data records, usb output
  2. External I/O interface, control 2 sets of clamped cylinders


KY-330   Air Leakage Detector

Application fields

Automobile industry: auto parts, waterproof test of auto lights, car camera, engine parts, automobile water tank, fuel tank, box cover, transmission box, oil road, pipeline, etc

Home appliance industry: electric iron, humidifier, aromatherapy machine, coffee machine, kettle, juicer, sweeper, gas stove, water heater, etc

Electronic digital industry: bracelet, waterproof watch, waterproof sound box, three – defense mobile phone, bluetooth audio, interphone, shaver, electric toothbrush, all kinds of electronic components

Valve fitting: sealing test of joints, valves, corrugated pipes and pump body


KY-330   Air Leakage Detector

Technical Specification

ModelKY-330M(Middle pressure)KY-330H(High pressure)
Testing pressure range1Kpa~700kpa0.3Mpa~3.5Mpa
Test pressure display accuracy1Kpa0.01Mpa
Differential pressure transducerDisplay range:-2000pa-2000paDisplay range:-2000pa-2000pa
Resolution :1paResolution :1pa
I/O interface7 input singals7 output singals
Test volumeThe volume of the test product is less than 10 liters.The smaller the volume, the faster the test speed
Historical dataHistorical data record display, support usb drive export Excel file
Test timePrepare1–prepare2–pressurized–balance–detection–exhaust–remove


WeightAbout 12KG
PowerAC 220V±10%,50/60HZ,Consumption of electricity:50VA
Test pressure sourceDry clean air source with high flow and stable pressure
Ambient temperature and humidityUse of temperature:5~40℃,storage temperature -20℃~70℃,below 80%RH,But no condensation

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