lab 300kn UTM computer control universal tensile strength testing machine


lab 300kn UTM computer control universal tensile strength testing machine


The product is widely used in tensile, compressive, bending and shear mechanical properties test of metal and nonmetallic materials. With a wide variety of accessories, it can also be used for the mechanical properties of profiles and components. It also has a very wide application prospect in the test field of rope, belt, silk, rubber, plastic and other materials with large sample deformation and fast test speed. Applicable to quality supervision, teaching and research, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile, construction materials and other test fields.

According to the standard:

Meet the requirements of the national standard GB/T228.1-2010 “Metal Materials Room temperature tensile Test Method”, GB/ T73314-2005 “Metal Compression test Method”, in line with GB, ISO, ASTM, DIN and other standards of data processing. It can meet the requirements of users and the standards provided.

lab 300kn UTM computer control universal tensile strength testing machine

Key Description:

  1. Main machine: This machine adopts double space door structure, the upper space stretching, the lower space compression, bending. Transom stepless lifting. Transmission part adopts arc synchronous tooth belt, screw pair transmission, smooth transmission, low noise. Specially designed synchronous gear belt deceleration system and precision ball screw pair drive the moving beam movement of the testing machine, to achieve no clearance transmission.
  2. Accessories:

Standard configuration: one set of wedge – type tensile and compression attachments.

  1. Electrical measurement and control system:

(1) Adopt AC servo system and servo motor, stable and reliable performance, with over current, over voltage, overspeed, overload protection devices.

(2) With overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, displacement up and down limit and emergency stop protection functions.

(3) Built-in controller ensures that the testing machine can realize closed-loop control of test force, sample deformation, beam displacement and other parameters, and can realize constant velocity test force, constant velocity displacement, constant velocity strain, constant velocity load cycle, constant velocity deformation cycle and other tests. The various control modes can be switched smoothly.

(4) At the end of the test, you can manually or automatically return to the initial position at high speed.

(5) Realized the real sense of physical zero adjustment, gain adjustment and test force measurement of automatic shift, zero adjustment, calibration and storage, without any analog adjustment links, the control circuit is highly integrated.

(6) Electrical control lines refer to international standards, in line with the national testing machine electrical standards, strong anti-interference ability, to ensure the stability of the controller, the accuracy of the experimental data.

(7) With a network interface, data transmission, storage, print records and network transmission printing, can be connected with the enterprise internal LAN or Internet network.

  1. Description of main functions and features of the software

The measurement and control software is used for microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine to carry out various metal and non-metal (such as, wood-based panel, etc.) test, according to the corresponding standards to complete the real-time measurement and display, real-time control and data processing, result output and other functions.

(1) By authority management, different levels of operators have different operation authority, operable menu and other contents are also different, so that the ordinary operator operation is simple, convenient, fast, and effectively protect the system;

(2) Real-time measurement and display of test force, peak, displacement, deformation and other signals; The real-time acquisition and control under NT mode platform such as Win2000 and WinXP are realized. And realize accurate timing, high speed sampling;

(3) Realized the real-time screen display of load-deformation, load-displacement and other test curves, which can be switched at any time to observe, and the curve is very convenient to enlarge and reduce;

(4) The computer storage, setting, loading and other functions of the test parameters, zero adjustment, calibration and other operations are carried out from the software, each parameter can be conveniently stored and transferred, so that a host with multiple sensors can be easily switched, and there is no number limit;

(5) Support a variety of control modes, including open loop constant velocity displacement, constant velocity force, constant velocity stress and other closed-loop control modes; The standard reference curve is given in the process of debugging the closed-loop parameters so that the user can actually observe the influence of each parameter on the closed-loop effect.

(6) With the test process control mode intelligent setting expert system, to provide professional users with automatic programming programmer. According to the actual needs, users can flexibly combine various control modes and control speed according to the rules, and compile the control program suitable for their own needs. The measurement and control software will automatically control the test process according to the user’s setting.

(7) Adopt human-computer interaction to analyze data. The treatment method can meet the requirements of the widely used GB/T 228-2002 Tensile Test Method for Metal materials at Room temperature. It can automatically calculate the elastic modulus, yield strength, specify the non-proportional extension strength and other performance parameters. It can also manually intervene the analysis process to improve the accuracy of the analysis. Other data processing can also be performed according to user-provided standards.

(8) The test data are stored in text files for the convenience of user inquiry, and the test data can be reprocessed by any general business report or word processing software, and the data can be transmitted over the Internet;

(9) Can record and save the data curve of the whole process of the test, and has the demonstration function, to achieve the test curve reproduction. The curve can also be superimposed for comparison, convenient for comparative analysis;

(10) The test report can be printed in the format required by the user. Users can choose the content of the report output basic information, test results and test curve to meet various needs;

(11) The digital zero adjustment and automatic calibration of the test force and deformation are realized, which facilitates the operation and improves the reliability of the machine. All kinds of parameter system Settings are stored in file form, easy to save and restore;

(12) can be used in Win98, Win2000, WinXP and other operating systems. Test process control, beam moving speed change, parameter input and other operations can be completed with the keyboard, mouse, easy to use;

(13) can automatically identify and support the external point control, so that the sample is very convenient when clamping;

(14) With overload protection automatic stop function, and can automatically judge the sample fracture, automatic stop.

According to different user requirements, the above software functions will be increased or decreased or adjusted.


lab 300kn UTM computer control universal tensile strength testing machine

Technical index


Max testing force(kn)300 
Test force measurement range1%-100% 
Relative error of test force indication value<±0.5% 
Load display resolution1/500000 of the maximum test force 
Distortion measuring range1%-100% 
Relative error of deformation indication value<±0.5% 
Deformation resolutionMaximum deformation 1/500000 
Relative error of displacement indication value<±0.5% 
Resolution of displacement(mm)0.001 
Range of speed0.01mm/min ~ 400mm/minstep less speed regulating
Stroke of stretch(mm)600 
Compression space(mm)600 
Width of test(mm)550 
Configurable fixtureStretch, compress, bend, cut, peel, tear, etc
 Dimension(mm)About 1060×810×2280mm 
Servo motor power(kw)3 



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