Laboratory light constant temperature culture shaker

Usage overview:

Constant temperature illumination oscillation shaker is a set of constant temperature, illumination, oscillation as one of the comprehensive laboratory biochemical instruments, widely used in plant growth and tissue culture, seed germination test, plant cultivation,

Seedling, microbial culture and preservation.In medicine, biology, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other fields have a wide range of applications.

Laboratory light constant temperature culture shaker

Product features:

PID microcomputer full intelligent control system, powerful function, strong anti-interference ability.It can realize the free combination of temperature and illumination parameters in 1-24 time periods of day and night, up to ten stages of programming.

◆ Built-in top illumination, special biological light source, good spectral characteristics, high intensity, low heat, especially suitable for experimental requirements.

◆ Silent design of the whole machine, electrostatic spray box body, equipped with toughened glass observation window, at any time to observe the temperature and light conditions in the box.

◆ Over-temperature acousto-optic alarm automatic protection function, can avoid damage to the test sample due to overheating or undercooling.

◆ The shell is made of high quality steel plate, and the cavity is made of mirror stainless steel components, which is not easy to rust.

◆ Tilt humanized control panel, large screen backlight LCD screen, more good visual effect.

◆ With operation parameter memory function, avoid tedious operation and password lock, eliminate human error operation.

◆ With call recovery function, not affected by power interruptions, the equipment can automatically resume operation according to the original set program.

◆ With strong and fast refrigeration system, the cooling requirements can be realized instantly and with automatic frost function

Advanced large torque motor to ensure continuous work without maintenance, maintenance free.

USB data storage system, automatic record and storage test process data (optional).

◆RS-232 interface and embedded micro printer (optional)

◆ Remote setting of temperature, speed, time and other parameters through mobile phone (optional).

Laboratory light constant temperature culture shaker

Rotation frequency30~300rpm
Frequency accuracy±1rpm
Oscillation typecyclotron
Oscillation amplitudeφ26mm or φ50mm
Display modeLCD
control modePID Microcomputer control
lightMax arrive to 12000LX(1~6level can choose)
Temperature control precision±0.1℃(Constant temperature state)
Temperature uniformity±2℃
Operating temperature4~60℃
 standard configuration2000ml×12250ml×35,500ml×24
Optional configuration500ml×28 or 1000ml×18 or 2000ml×12 or 3000ml×8 or 5000ml×6250ml×70 or 500ml×48
tray dimension920×500mm740×460mm
Overall dimensions1200×810×1100mm950×710×1270mm
Nominal capacity980×570×500mm(280L)880×530×660mm(308)
Rate of power1150W950W
Net weight185KG240KG
tray number12
Timing range0~999 hour
PowerAC220V /50Hz



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